Australian books to get excited about in the first half of 2020

Here is a round-up previewing some most exciting local releases for the first half of 2020! Please note, this list is incomplete, but we do hope it reflects the wide array of titles on offer for the year.







  • Towards the End by Ali Alizadeh (February)
  • Of Memory and Furniture by Bron Bateman (February)
  • A Kinder Sea by Felicity Plunkett (February)
  • Harbour by Kate Llewellyn (February)
  • Turbulence by Thuy On (March)
  • Family Trees by Michael Farrell (March)
  • Labour and Other Poems by Astrid Lorange (March)
  • Late Murrumbidgee Poems by John Mukky Burke (March)
  • Entries by Prithvi Varatharajan (March)
  • Fire Front edited by Alison Whittaker (April)
  • Homer Street by Laurie Duggan (April)
  • Dead Bolt by Ella Jeffery (April)
  • The Lactic Acid in the Calves of Your Despair by Ali Whitelock (April)
  • Ask Me About the Future by Rebecca Jessen (April)
  • Throat by Ellen van Neerven (May)
  • Homeland Calling edited by Ellen Van Neerven (May)
  • New and Selected Poems by J.S. Harry (May)
  • The Thorn by Todd Turner (June)




  • The Champions of the Blade (Paladero, Book 4) by Steven Lochran (January)
  • Jane Doe and the Key of All Souls (Jane Do, Book 2) by Jeremy Lachlan (February)
  • Puppy Playtime! and Take Off! (Evie and Pog, Book 1 and 2) by Tania McCartney (February)
  • The Ghost of Howlers Beach (The Butter O'Bryan Mysteries, Book 1) by Jackie French (March)
  • The Threads of Magic by Alison Croggon (March)
  • Red Day by Sandy Fussell (March)
  • The Republic of Birds by Jessica Miller (March)
  • Landing with Wings by Trace Balla (March)
  • Scary Mary and the Stripe Spell (Monty’s Island, Book 1) by Emily Rodda & Lucinda Gifford (April)
  • Snow White Rose Red and Other Tales of Kind Young Women by Kate Forsyth & Lorena Carrington (April)
  • The Year the Maps Changed by Danielle Binks (April)
  • Timmy the Ticked-Off Pony by Magda Szubanski (April)
  • Ottilie Colter and the Withering World (Ottilie Colter, Book 3) by Rhiannon Williams (May)
  • Battle Born (Elementals, Book 3) by Amie Kaufman (June)
  • What Zola Did on Monday by Melina Marchetta (June)
  • Fly on the Wall by Remy Lai (June)


  • Oasis by Katya de Becerra (January)
  • A New Kind of Everything by Richard Yaxley (February)
  • The Girl with the Gold Bikini by Lisa Walker (February)
  • Euphoria Kids by Alison Evans (February)
  • This Vicious Cure (This Mortal Coil, Book 3) by Emily Suvada (February)
  • How to Grow a Family Tree by Eliza Henry-Jones (March)
  • Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales (March)
  • The Vanishing Deep by Astrid Scholte (March)
  • Deep Water by Sarah Epstein (April)
  • Please Don’t Hug Me by Kay Kerr (April)
  • Taking Down Evelyn Tait by Poppy Nwosu (April)
  • Peta Lyre’s Rating Normal by Anna Whateley (May)
  • When it Drops by Alex Dyson (May)
  • Metal Fish Falling Snow by Cath Moore (May)
  • Aurora Burning (The Aurora Cycle, Book 2) by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff (May)
  • The F-Team by Rawah Arja (June)
  • The End of the World is Bigger Than Love by Davina Bell (June)
  • The Dark Tide by Alicia Jasinska (June)
  • True Life (Lifel1k3, Book 3) by Jay Kristoff (June)

We’ll be publishing a similar list for the second half of the year in June, so stay tuned…

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