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Bookseller spotlight: Joanna Di Mattia’s favourite books of 2023

Joanna Di Mattia is a bookseller at Readings Carlton.

I made an early declaration this year that Jenny Erpenbeck’s Kairos would be the best novel I’d read in 2023, and as the year now comes to a close, that declaration still stands. For me, no other book has touched it – I love its emotional and psychological complexity, and the…

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Fun and thought-provoking nonfiction for curious kids

These zany and engaging works explore history, nature, art, the future and even the mischief of magic! We've included them in this list because each offers something we find uniquely compelling, that we think kids will too! So read on to discover imaginative ways to save the planet, clues to some of our greatest unsolved mysteries, how illusions work, how…

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An Introduction to classics

It is such a brilliant and exciting adventure to discover novels as a teen. After growing up on Tove Jansson, Enid Blyton and Harry Potter, I keenly await, as I get older, further broadening my tastes and knowledge, grappling with my mountainous to-read pile, and figuring out how on earth I’ll fit them on my bookshelf afterwards. I might…

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