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What we’re reading: Patchett, Rushdi

Each week our wonderful staff share the books that they've been enjoying.

Lian is reading These Precious Days by Ann Patchett

Ann Patchett was a guest at this year's Melbourne Writers' Festival, and hearing her speak on a panel with our own Chris Gordon was all the inducement I needed to dive head-first into her delightful collection of essays. These

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Picture books about emotional resilience

Children all face different obstacles through their lives, whether it’s an internal hurdle, a one-off catastrophe, or the routine struggle that is heading back to school. Kids' books are a helpful way to show them they’re not alone in the hardships they experience, or to display the tools children can use to tackle whatever obstacles they may face.

Here are…

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Our Best of the New York Times’ Best Books

To mark the first 25 years of the century, The New York Times Book Review sent a survey to hundreds of literary luminaries, asking them name the 10 best books published since Jan 1, 2000. They tallied the votes to create their list of The 100 Best Books of the 21st Century – and naturally book lovers around the world…

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