The Readings Teen Advisory Board

What is the Readings Teen Advisory Board?

The Readings Teen Advisory Board is a volunteer group of teenagers that meets at Readings head office once a month to chat about recent and forthcoming young adult books, write blog posts and short reviews, learn about careers in the book industry, and provide feedback to Readings staff members on a range of subjects.

Members on our Teen Advisory Board for 2019–20 are Ananyaa Duggal, Siena Kabay, Broedy Fielding, Amy Wright, Carolyn Zhang, Riley Robert Rust, Thea Hamilton, Sasha Copic, Claire Long and Chenuli Halgamuge. Throughout the year, you can read monthly updates from the board meetings on our blog, and learn what they’ve been reading, discussing and recommending.

At the board’s first meeting in July, they were given the opportunity to share some of their favourite books and authors. The new board members have already been busy – Chenuli has written a terrific bookish Area 51 survival guide post for the Readings blog!

Applications to join the Readings Teen Advisory Board in 2019/2020 are now closed

We will be looking for a new intake of teenagers (aged 14–19) to join our advisory board, starting in July 2020, in May 2020. The board meets on the third Monday of each month at 4.30pm in Carlton. Sadly, we do not currently have facilities to enable remote access for board members. Please check back in May if you would like to apply for the 2020–2021 round.

Here are some testimonials from last year’s board members…

‘Being a part of the Readings Teen Advisory Board has been absolutely incredible. I have been able to broaden my knowledge of the Australian (and international) book industry and had the chance to meet and learn from amazing people who work in the world of literature. It is an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.’ – Zach

‘Having the chance to be a part of the TAB has been one of the best opportunities I’ve been given. It’s been an insightful and genuinely amazing experience, meeting people who share my interests and having the best discussions, not to mention the brilliant books we were given!’ – Marley

‘I’ve been able to meet and learn from various people in the industry, and it’s given me a completely new appreciation for my books. The board gave me the opportunity to meet fellow readers creating a community where we could share our passion and inspire each other to explore the book industry further.’ – Jess

‘As an avid reader, this has been a wonderful experience as it offers the opportunity for young readers to share their thoughts on books, listen to other people share their love of books and help give feedback to Readings on YA fiction.’ – Liliana

‘I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many authors and professionals in Australia’s book industry. It has really been such an enlightening, fun and unique experience that I am so thankful to have been a part of.’ – Xiao-Xiao

‘I believe that being on the Readings Teen Advisory Board has helped me find out more about not only potential careers in the literature industry, but also helped me broaden my horizons and gain a greater insight into all the effort put into making our favourite books available to us.’ – Ulysses