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Great music books from 2023

This year was another fantastic one for music books. Below you'll find a selection of our favourites that include memoir, essay, nonfiction and even the fashion of an icon.

Half Deaf, Completely Mad by Tony Cohen & John Olson

Maverick music producer-engineer Tony Cohen defined Australia’s punk and rock sounds in the late ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. His long and celebrated career took him from the studios of Melbourne and Sydney to West Berlin and London’s Abbey Road, working with…

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Paul Lynch wins the Booker Prize 2023

Congratulations to Paul Lynch who has been named the winner of this year's Booker Prize for his fifth novel, Prophet Song. The Booker Prize is a £50,000 literary prize awarded each year for the best original novel, written in the English language, and published in the UK. Paul Lynch is the fifth Irish author to win the prize.

Prophet Song is an exhilarating, propulsive and confrontational portrait of a country – and an ordinary family – on the brink…

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What we're reading: Mushin, Kingsolver & Rundell

Each week our amazing staff bring you a sample of the books or music they're immersed in.

Bernard Caleo is reading Ultrawild by Steve Mushin

Steve Mushin’s Ultrawild is a book full of visionary, revolutionary plans and schematics for rewilding the world, one city at a time (or actually, if Steve has his way, all of the cities in the world simultaneously). In meticulous, large-format, comic-book-style pages, he steps us through his designs for flinging compost balls down city streets…

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Passive aggressive gift guide

by Lian Hingee

The festive season is upon us, and with it comes celebrations and gifts and forced socialisation with people you definitely don't see eye to eye with. Grit your teeth and bear it ... or even better, gift them one of our carefully chosen passive aggressive gifts and enjoy watching them read between the lines.

For the person who's always posting their fast fashion hauls » Wear Next by Clare Press

The current fashion system is wasteful, environmentally harmful and exploitative…

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Australian fiction to pick up this month

Women & Children by Tony Birch

It's 1965 and Joe Cluny is living in a working-class suburb with his mum, Marion, and sister, Ruby, spending his days trying to avoid trouble with the nuns at the local Catholic primary school. One evening his Aunty Oona appears on the doorstep, distressed and needing somewhere to stay. As his mum and aunty work out what to do, Joe comes to understand the secrets that the women in his family carry, including on…

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Christmas cookbooks to inspire

There's nothing better than gathering with friends and family for a festive feast during the summer months. Below, we've rounded up some of the best Christmas-centric cookbooks to help you celebrate this year!

Christmas Table by The Australian Women's Weekly

A modern approach to the season's fare in a beautiful book containing all the recipes you'd expect for ham, turkey, sides, desserts and puddings

Christmas is a special time of year for indulging in food and fun with your loved…

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The best food and gardening books of the month, with Chris Gordon

by Chris Gordon

Eat Lao by Sam Sempill

Sam Sempill is a Lao-born Australian textile artist and architect with a certain magical cooking skill developed through years spent in the kitchen with her grandmother. Like all good cookbooks, this collection of Lao-cuisine based recipes is more than a list of ingredients and instructions. It is a window into the past. Beautifully illustrated, you will find recipes for trout soup, custard pumpkin dessert and an enormous range of deliciously flavoured meals that, once seen…

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Mark's Say, November 2023

by Mark Rubbo

As I write this, I’m about to head off to Bali for the 20th Ubud Writers & Readers Festival. It’s a testament to its founders, Melbourne-born Janet DeNeefe and her Indonesian husband Ketut Suardana, that it has become a sought-after gig for writers and book lovers from around the world.

This trip comes on the back of a jaunt around Italy and Greece with my sister, with side trips to New York and Montreal. She’s a researcher at the Columbia…

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Cosy translated fiction for the soul

As we approach the end of the year many of us have begun to feel a little jaded or fatigued by the pace of life. Thankfully, we have cosy literature – complete with token cats – to lean on. The below books are some of our favourites, and they're waiting on our bookshelves for you to discover or perhaps even gift to a friend.

What You Are Looking for is in the Library by Michiko Aoyama & Alison Watts (trans.)

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Picture books for Christmas set in Australia

Enjoy merry – and seasonally correct – storytimes this Christmas! These picture books, a mix of new and old favourites, are perfect for storytimes this festive season or to post to friends abroad.

Christmas Wonder Down Under by Vikki Conley & Cheryl Orsini (illus.)

Cracker bang! Stars above. Christmas wonder. Peace and love.

The unique magic of an Australian Christmas is perfectly captured in this joyful celebration of love, pavlova and precious family moments.

Twelve Days of Kindness by Sophie…

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