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Calypso by David Sedaris

Reviewed by Danielle Mirabella

‘LOL’ is an acronym I usually avoid, however, when reading David Sedaris it is apt. Calypso, the long-awaited new collection of twenty-one stories from one of the world’s most-loved humorists is an …

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Small Wrongs by Kate Rossmanith

Reviewed by Elke Power

Small Wrongs is a powerful consideration of remorse, and whether we can ever truly know it when we see it. As an ethnologist, Kate Rossmanith is more than equipped to explore this subject from a theo…

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Out of the Forest by Gregory P. Smith

Reviewed by Michael McLoughlin

Gregory P. Smith was born into a life of violence. At home he was a witness to, and a victim of, his alcoholic father’s physical abuse, and his speed-addled mother’s vicious criticism. Before long, h…

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Origin Story by David Christian

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo

David Christian coined the phrase ‘Big History’ in reference to a project that aims to tell the story of everything that’s happened from the beginning of the universe until now. It’s an idea that cau…

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Into the Night by Sarah Bailey

Reviewed by Fiona Hardy

After the events of Sarah Bailey’s debut The Dark Lake left Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock unable to be the partner, mother and human that everyone in the regional town of Smithson needed her to …

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Ironbark by Jay Carmichael

Reviewed by Chris Somerville

While it feels like a cliché to call a novel – especially one by a first-time author – ‘assured’, it is the phrase I kept returning to while reading this debut offering from young Victorian writer Ja…

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Reading the Landscape: A Celebration of Australian Writing

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo

The University of Queensland Press was established in 1948 (coincidentally, the year I was born). In the mid-sixties, under the stewardship of American expat Frank Thompson, it started to publish Aus…

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Kat Wolfe Investigates by Lauren St John

Reviewed by Pilgrim Hodgson

Animal lover Kat Wolfe is delighted when her mum accepts a job as a vet in idyllic Bluebell Bay. Kat decides to earn some pocket money by starting the Paws & Claws Pet Sitting Agency – but when her f…

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Big Bones by Laura Dockrill

Reviewed by Leanne Hall

I first came across Laura Dockrill’s unique voice with her wildly poetic mermaid duology, Lorali and Aurabel, and Big Bones is another addition to her marvellous body of work about young people who g…

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Eggshell Skull by Bri Lee

Reviewed by Alison Huber

During her year as a judge’s associate in the District Court in Queensland, Bri Lee finds herself enduring case after case after case involving rape, sexual assault and child abuse. A fact that Lee k…

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