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Florence Beatrice Price: Symphonies 1 & 4 by John Jeter & Fort Smith Symphony

Reviewed by Alexandra Mathew

Florence Price, the first African American woman to gain recognition as a symphonic composer, was remarkable. Celebrated contralto Marian Anderson championed and recorded Price’s vocal music, and, in…

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Love Your Body by Jessica Sanders

Reviewed by Kim Gruschow

Young Melbourne author and social worker Jessica Sanders has written Love Your Body to help prevent negative body image issues in young women. Stylish and fresh, this book is similar in presentation …

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Designer by Aldous Harding

Reviewed by Dave Clarke

New Zealand’s Aldous Harding has quickly become one of my go-to singer–songwriters. Her previous album, 2017’s Party, was my album of the year. *Designer *is her third album, and her second with the …

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Room for a Stranger by Melanie Cheng

Reviewed by Annie Condon

Melanie Cheng arrived on the Australian literary scene in style. Her debut story collection, Australia Day, won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for an unpublished manuscript; then, upon public…

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Hazelwood by Tom Doig

Reviewed by Kara Nicholson

In February 2014, the Hazelwood open-pit brown-coal mine caught fire and burned out of control for forty-five days. Residents of the impoverished Latrobe Valley endured months of toxic air pollution.…

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Franz Schubert: Sonatas & Impromptus by András Schiff

Reviewed by Kate Rockstrom

The piano is a fascinating instrument that went through many iterations before it became what we know it as today. Originally known as the ‘fortepiano’, it was the first keyboard instrument to reliab…

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Shauna’s Great Expectations by Kathleen Loughnan

Reviewed by Angela Crocombe

Shauna is a Year 12 student on an Indigenous scholarship at Oakholme College, a prestigious Sydney girls’ private school. She’s suffered endless racist taunts from the school’s number one bully, Keli…

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Trapped: The Complete Series 2

Reviewed by Marie Matteson

On the second day of my trip to Iceland, in the capital city of Reykjavík, a dog was lost on the street where I was staying. The Facebook messages went out: ‘Does anyone know whose dog this is?’ With…

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Women’s Work by Megan K. Stack

Reviewed by Elke Power

Megan K. Stack has been a finalist for the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize in international reporting. She was a war correspondent for the Los Angeles Times; she made a career of immersing…

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Don’t Follow Vee by Oliver Phommavanh

Reviewed by Dani Solomon

Vee wakes up every morning to her mum snapping a picture to put on her Instagram account ‘The Chronicles of Vee' – an account her mum started when she was a baby. Every year on her birthday, Vee’s mu…

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