Stocking self-published and small press books at Readings

At Readings, we consider supporting small publishers and self-published authors to be an important responsibility, and we offer the opportunity for titles to be left on a consignment basis at our shops.

What does consignment mean?

Selling titles on a consignment basis means that authors leave books with us for an agreed period and we put the stock on our shelves to sell on their behalf. At the end of the agreed period, we pay the authors for any copies that we sell, and we return any unsold stock to them.

Is your self-published or small press title right for Readings?

Staff at each of our shops curate a selection of books kept under the above terms, with attention to the specific customer base in each location. We also take into account subject matter, author profile, market trends, planned publicity, and book design. Please be aware that we are offered many, many more titles than we are able to stock. We only take around 5-10% of the books offered to us, so don’t be disheartened if we decide not to stock your book.

Please note, we do not accept any unsolicited stock.

How do I contact a specific Readings shop?

Before approaching one of our shops with your book, please consider which one is the best fit. For example, perhaps it’s your local shop, and you’ll send prospective buyers our way? Then, get in touch with the shop as outlined below.

Carlton: Call the shop during business hours on (03) 9347 6633 to talk to a staff member about current stocking opportunities. (Please keep in mind that we do not stock any children’s titles on consignment at the 309 Lygon Street shop.)

Readings Kids: Email buyer Dani Solomon

Hawthorn: Call the shop during business hours on (03) 9819 1917 to talk to a staff member about current stocking opportunities.

Malvern: Email buyer Bernard Vella

St Kilda: Email buyer Belle Katavatis

State Library: Email buyer Tom Hoskins

Doncaster: Email buyer Kara Liddell