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The Magic Place by Chris Wormell

Reviewed by Natalie Platten

Chris Wormell’s The Magic Place is a perfectly imagined tale of woe to wonder. It’s a story about the triumph of the human spirit.

We meet Clementine, a little orphan girl living with her wicked Aun…

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Sand Talk by Tyson Yunkaporta

Reviewed by Elke Power

Tyson Yunkaporta’s Sand Talk is an extraordinary reading experience. It’s both philosophical and practical, and underpinned by a compassionate yet realistic humanity. At the core of Sand Talk is a de…

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How to Make a Movie in 12 Days by Fiona Hardy

Reviewed by Dani Solomon

Hayley Whelan loves everything about movies; she has spent her whole life dreaming of writing and directing her own. When her Grandma, with whom she’d been writing her horror movie, Rosebud, passes a…

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The Godmother by Hannelore Cayre and Stephanie Smee (trans.)

Reviewed by Fiona Hardy

This striking little oddity comes with a hefty dose of French fame – it won the European Crime Fiction Prize, the Grand Prix de Littérature Policière, and has been made into a film starring one of th…

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The Anarchy by William Dalrymple

Reviewed by Julia Jackson

Given the dastardly activities of some of our massive corporations of today, the antics contained within William Dalrymple’s latest offering shouldn’t really come as a huge shock to readers. I say th…

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The Old Lie by Claire G. Coleman

Reviewed by Clare Millar

Claire G. Coleman’s debut novel, Terra Nullius, made waves as it was shortlisted for the 2018 Stella Prize, along with many other awards. This year she’s back with a new science-fiction novel, explor…

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The Girls by Chloe Higgins

Reviewed by Amanda Rayner

I originally questioned the choice of title for this book as the words ‘girl/s’ are so commonly used in this context. I wondered if a different title could have been chosen. Now that I have read The

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Quichotte by Salman Rushdie

Reviewed by Bernard Caleo

This book is one wild ride: a hectic riffling through the back catalogue of literature, a throwing of books into the back seat of an unglamorous car, and a helter-skelter drive across an America heav…

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Lucky Ticket by Joey Bui

Reviewed by Ellen Cregan

There is nothing quite like reading a wonderful collection of short stories – I believe that the power of fiction to mentally transport us is at its strongest in this shorter, punchier format. Joey B…

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Patsy by Nicole Dennis-Benn

Reviewed by Kara Nicholson

Nicole Dennis-Benn dedicates her second novel to the ‘memory of the untold stories of undocumented immigrants’. We first meet Patsy in 1998 in Jamaica; she is standing in the hot sun in a long queue …

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