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Review — 26 Feb 2024

Thanks for Having Me by Emma Darragh

Thanks for Having Me is a novel told in interlinked stories, and even though you might think, ‘I don’t like short stories,’ it’s worth considering that some of the Pulitzer…

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Review — 28 Jan 2024

Tidelines by Sarah Sasson

Sarah Sasson’s debut novel, Tidelines, explores the relationship between a brother and sister. Elijah nicknames his sister after she is born premature and pale; he points to her and…

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Review — 1 Sep 2023

Something Bad is Going to Happen by Jessie Stephens

A writing teacher once told me that it’s difficult to write about characters experiencing depression, without depressing the reader. However, this is not the case in Jessie Stephens’ novel, Something

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Review — 31 Jul 2023

Pet by Catherine Chidgey

Pet, by New Zealand author Catherine Chidgey, is my favourite book of 2023 so far. Set in a Catholic primary school in the mid 1980s, it’s narrated by Justine…

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Review — 30 May 2023

Big Swiss by Jen Beagin

It’s difficult to review a comedic novel that deals with trauma. So, among all the content warnings regarding reading Big Swiss, it’s best to let the characters speak for…

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Review — 20 Apr 2023

After the Rain by Aisling Smith

After the Rain is Aisling Smith’s debut novel, and it amply demonstrates her ability to write well and create complex and likeable characters. Most of the book is from the…

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Review — 27 Mar 2023

Games and Rituals by Katherine Heiny

Katherine Heiny’s first story collection, Single, Carefree, Mellow was published in 2015, and praised in the New York Times and by Lena Dunham of Girls fame. Since then, she has…

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Review — 3 Mar 2023

Resistance by Jacinta Halloran

Jacinta Halloran’s fourth novel has been much anticipated, as her previous titles have won awards, and been lauded by authors such as Helen Garner and Fiona Wright. The title, Resistance

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Review — 30 Jan 2023

Crows Nest by Nikki Mottram

Nikki Mottram has used her professional social-work experience to create a likable but troubled character, Dana Gibson. Dana has accepted a short-term contract as a child protection worker in Queensland…

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Review — 30 Jan 2023

Higher Education by Kira McPherson

In Higher Education, debut author Kira McPherson introduces Sam, a young woman progressing hesitantly through five years of her law degree.

In an early vignette from primary school, Sam’s…

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