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Accidental Feminists by Jane Caro

Reviewed by Cindy Morris

Accidental Feminists is a celebration of the women who came after the Australian women who won the right to vote. These secondwave feminists grew up earning money most of their lives, a fact that is …

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Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

Reviewed by Alexa Dretzke

I have reread Tuck Everlasting twice in the last three years and am always struck by the beauty and simplicity of Natalie Babbitt’s writing; why use many words when one perfect word conjures everythi…

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Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus

Reviewed by Kim Gruschow

The author of the bestselling young adult mystery One of Us is Lying has come through with a new thriller that will not leave her fans disappointed.

Twins Ellery and Ezra have been sent to live wit…

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Heart of the Grass Tree by Molly Murn

Reviewed by Marie Matteson

Before Nell died, she knew she needed to record a story, a story she had found very hard to share, a story that stretches back before her time. After Nell dies, her daughter to whom she said little, …

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Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall

Reviewed by Alexa Dretzke

Lighthouses have an iconic charm, but beyond the pristine whiteness fables of shipwrecks and smugglers swirl around them. And then, there is the reality of staffing and maintaining them which was a t…

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Fusion by Kate Richards

Reviewed by Michael McLoughlin

Conjoined twins Sea and Serene live in an isolated shack in the Australian Alps with Wren, the young man who cares for them. Up among the snow gums they grow their own vegetables and ferment their ow…

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Springsteen On Broadway by Bruce Springsteen

Reviewed by Lou Fulco

Towards the end of 2016, Bruce Springsteen had just released his much-anticipated autobiography, Born to Run, and completed The River Tour, which celebrated the thirty-fifth anniversary of his hit 19…

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Into the Fire by Sonia Orchard

Reviewed by Annie Condon

A literary trend I’m enjoying very much is the novel focusing on the tribulations of female friendship. Think Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Quartet; Marlena by Julie Buntin; The Burning Girl by Claire …

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Schumann: Cello Concerto & Works for Cello and Piano by Sol Gabetta

Reviewed by Kate Rockstrom

One of the most heartbreaking things I read when doing my research for this review was that a piece that is loved and adored around the world today was never premiered during the composer’s lifetime.…

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Handel: Italian Cantatas by Sabine Devieihe & Lea Desandre

Reviewed by Alexandra Mathew

The violent and confronting tale of Lucretia’s rape at the hands of the evil Tarquinius has, for reasons I’d rather not ponder, inspired countless works of great art. Paintings, plays, narrative poem…

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