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The Fortress by S.A. Jones

Reviewed by Hilary Simmons

The Fortress has a fascinating premise. Alongside a world that appears the same as our own, there exists an all-female civilisation. Its native women are called the Vaik. They are proud, Amazonian an…

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All the Beautiful Lies by Peter Swanson

Reviewed by Fiona Hardy

In the seaside town of Kennewick, Maine, the body of a bookseller is found at the bottom of the cliffs he loved to walk along. His son, Harry, makes his way from the college graduation he will now mi…

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Asymmetry by Lisa Halliday

Reviewed by Alison Huber

Given the fact of the seemingly relentless media revelations of exploitation in all sorts of industries, I can’t think of a better time to read a smart book about uneven power dynamics. Lisa Halliday…

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The Extremely Weird Thing that Happened in Huggabie Falls by Adam Cece & Andrew Weldon

Reviewed by Pilgrim Hodgson

In Huggabie Falls, something like having a maths teacher who’s also a witch is normal, because Huggabie Falls is the weirdest town on Earth. But when something extremely weird happens! Kipp Kindle an…

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Master Detective: A Kalle Blomkvist Mystery by Astrid Lindgren

Reviewed by Angela Crocombe

What an absolute treat – three newly translated books by the world-famous author of Pippi Longstocking, Astrid Lindgren. First published in Swedish in 1946, these are well-written, exciting detective…

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The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted by Robert Hillman

Reviewed by Chris Gordon

There is a saying in Hungary: You know you’re a Hungarian when you can’t say anything positive about politics. I live with a Hungarian and this statement is totally accurate. However what it doesn’t …

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Baroque: Music for Viola by Nils Mönkemeyer

Reviewed by Kate Rockstrom

Finally after all these years of reviews, I have a virtuosic viola album to review! The ‘King of Instruments’ (as it has been dubbed in certain circles), is often the considered the poor cousin to th…

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Blue Planet II

Reviewed by Bronte Coates

Seventeen years have passed since the BBC released the original Blue Planet nature documentary. Described as the first-ever comprehensive series on the natural history of the world’s oceans, it was b…

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Wayfaring by Umberto Clerici & Karin Schaupp

Reviewed by Alexandra Mathew

Wayfaring, a collaboration between Italian-Australian cellist Umberto Clerici and German-Australian guitarist Karin Schaupp, traces a path ‘from birth to death, with everything in between’. Consideri…

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Vocalise by Nuria Rial

Reviewed by Alexandra Mathew

Heitor Villa-Lobos dreamt up the imaginative combination of eight cellos and soprano soloist. His famous composition for such an ensemble is Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 – part vocalise and part lamen…

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