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Early Riser by Jasper Fforde

Reviewed by Lian Hingee

Jasper Fforde – master of absurdity, champion of satire, ridiculer of bureaucracy, and proud Welshman – is back. If that sentence doesn’t fill you with a thrill of excitement then you’ve obviously ne…

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Sonam and the Silence by Eddie Ayres & Ronak Taher

Reviewed by George Delaney

Sonam is a young girl who lives with her family in Kabul and earns money by selling chewing gum on the city streets. Sonam’s world is flooded with beauty and joy when she hears an old man playing mus…

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Inappropriation by Lexi Freiman

Reviewed by Ellen Cregan

Ziggy Klein is fifteen years old, and has just left her comfortable, Jewish high school for the chaos of the uber prestigious Kandara Girls School, where Sydney’s elite send their teenagers. Surround…

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His Name Was Walter by Emily Rodda

Reviewed by Dani Solomon

After their bus breaks down on a school excursion four kids, including Colin and their schoolteacher, take shelter from a huge storm in a nearby deserted mansion. While there, Colin discovers a secre…

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All That Reckoning by Cowboy Junkies

Reviewed by Dave Clarke

It is 1989 and I’m driving home from a friend’s 21st birthday party out in the Yarra Valley. I am a young man who feels a little out of place at the party so decide not to take up the offer to stay o…

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The Rapids by Sam Twyford-Moore

Reviewed by Kelsey Oldham

Sam Twyford-Moore’s The Rapids examines mania and bipolar disorder in art and popular culture. A series of interlinked essays peppered with references to film, literature, music and television, the b…

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Maya & Cat by Caroline Magerl

Reviewed by Angela Crocombe

In exquisite poetic language, author and illustrator Caroline Magerl tells the story of a girl who finds a shivering wet stray cat on the roof, befriends it with sardines and then kindly tries to fin…

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Too Much Lip by Melissa Lucashenko

Reviewed by George Delaney

Melissa Lucashenko’s last novel, Mullumbimby, opened me up to a conversation about feminism, culture and land rights that has stayed with me for years, so I was excited to read her new book. Too Much

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The Relic of the Blue Dragon by Rebecca Lim

Reviewed by Leanne Hall

Harley Spark isn’t sure why he’s drawn to the dusty vase sitting outside the local antique warehouse. Harley’s mum, Delia, has always counselled him to be honest, not least because his dad Ray’s crim…

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Natural Born Loser by Oliver Phommavanh

Reviewed by Bronte Coates

Grade Sixer Raymond is resigned to his fate as a natural born follower but when a new principal arrives at Barryjong Primary School determined to shake things up, he somehow finds himself cast in the…

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