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Review — 25 Sep 2023

Eventually Everything Connects: Eight Essays on Uncertainty by Sarah Firth

Sarah Firth is a Melbourne cartoonist, who (among her other arts practices) produces drawings-plus-words documentation of meetings and presentations, so that participants and attendees later have a record of what…

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Review — 25 Sep 2023

Edenglassie by Melissa Lucashenko

‘Edenglassie’ was the original colonial name for Magandjin-Brisbane, a portmanteau of ‘Edinburgh’ and ‘Glasgow’. Half of Edenglassie the novel is set in 1854–55, the other half in 2024. Shuttling between…

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Review — 20 Apr 2023

Naked Ambition by Robert Gott

A youngish up-and-coming minister gets his portrait painted, a bit bigger than life size. He takes delivery of the canvas, hangs it on his living room wall, stands back admiringly…

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Review — 31 Oct 2022

Illuminations by Alan Moore

Alan Moore is the big beardy guy who gets pointed at when I’m asked, ‘Hey, who singlehandedly transformed superhero comics into dark, gritty and occasionally poetic narratives back in the…

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Review — 31 Aug 2022

Emperors in Lilliput: Clem Christesen of Meanjin and Stephen Murray-Smith of Overland by Jim Davidson

This gorgeously titled book delivers the Heroic Age epic of little magazine publishing inAustralia, ‘little magazines’ being a way to describe literary/cultural periodicalsinspired by the avant-garde Chicago journal, The Little…

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Review — 28 Jun 2022

Lilly and Her Slave by Hans Fallada & Alexandra Roesch (trans.)

‘Hans Fallada’ is the nom de plume of Rudolf Ditzen (1893–1947), a German writer who chronicled desperate lives between the wars. His best-known novel, Alone in Berlin, published weeks…

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Review — 28 Apr 2022

Four Treasures of the Sky by Jenny Tinghui Zhang

The young female narrator of this debut novel set in China and America in the 1880s is kidnapped in its first sentence. Shocking as this act is, it proves to…

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Review — 27 Jan 2022

The Islands by Emily Brugman

The Houtman Al Campbell is a Abrolhos is an archipelago of more than a hundred islands and coral reefs flung into the Indian Ocean 80 kilometres out from Geraldton. This…

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Review — 31 Oct 2021

Men in My Situation by Per Petterson & Ingvild Burkey (trans.)

Men in My Situation paints a portrait of the effects of grief upon a fragile psyche, and as you are already guessing, the results ain’t pretty. Our first-person narrator, Arvid…

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