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The 25 bestselling DVDs at Readings in 2015

Here are our 25 bestselling DVDs from the past year.

Televised dramas led the way in DVD sales last year with multiple seasons of Un Village Francais, The Fall, and The Legacy all appearing in our top 25. The list also includes some great documentaries, such as Asif Kapadia’s harrowing biopic of powerhouse singer Amy Winehouse. We’re also pleased to note that three of our bestselling DVDs are …

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A guide to TV shows to watch this summer

by Nina Kenwood

Here’s where I’m coming from – I like good comedies, snappy dialogue, family drama, teen angst, action-packed intrigue, survival-against-the-odds stories, anything that will make me cry and legal dramas. I don’t enjoy procedurals, most cop shows, and reality TV.

My summer viewing guide encompasses the shows I have enjoyed this year, the shows I expect to enjoy in the future, and shows I don’t p…

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The best DVDs of 2015

by Stella Charls

Here are our top ten DVDs of the year, voted for by Readings staff. Displayed in no particular order.

Small Is Beautiful

Small Is Beautiful is a special documentary. Filmed in Portland, Oregon, Australian filmmaker Jeremy Beasley documents the tiny house movement, a grassroots response to the housing affordability crisis that currently affects so many people across the developed world. Beas…

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A mid-festival update from MIFF 2015

Here’s our mid-festival update from this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival. Staff share what their thoughts on what they’ve seen so far, and tell us what they’re still looking forward to. (You can find the full program here). Nina Kenwood’s favourite film (so far) has been The Wolfpack

To date, I’ve seen four films at MIFF, and I’ve adored them all.

I watched three documentaries:…

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A quick guide to MIFF 2015

Here’s a quick at-a-glance guide to this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival. You can see the full program here, and also find out what Readings staff are seeing here. Most buzzed about

We recommend: The Lobster Runner up: Force of Destiny

Psychological thriller

We recommend: The Witch Runner up: Sunrise

Book-to-film adaptation

We recommend: Holding the Man Runner up: See all …

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MIFF picks for literary lovers

This year’s Melbourne International Film Festival is filled with book-to-film (and play-to-film) adaptations. Here are our picks of the bunch. The End of the Tour (James Ponsoldt, USA)

Tasked with writing a profile on author David Foster Wallace for Rolling Stone, David Lipsky joined Wallace on a publicity tour for Infinite Jest. His book, Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself is ba…

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What we’re watching at MIFF 2015

Staff share what they’re planning to see at the Melbourne International Film Festival this year! (You can find the full program here). Nina Kenwood loves American indies

As always, there are a ton of American indie films I want to see: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (I’ll cry, I’ll laugh, my heart will be warmed), Sleeping With Other People (sex comedy starring Alison Brie – I’m in), The Over

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Watching Game of Thrones with my teenage son

by Chris Gordon

Readings staff member Chris Gordon tells us what it’s like to watch the complete Game of Thrones series, with her teenage son.

Here is the stark truth:

I am not a fan of fantasy films or novels. I’m well aware that dragons are not real. Gratuitous sex and violence does not please me. I hate anything to do with zombies.

And yet, I’ve somehow managed to watch all available seasons of Game of

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Literary-inspired period dramas to watch this winter

Winter is most certainly here and with that in mind, here’s some literary-inspired period dramas for you for to snuggle up with during the cold evenings – all sorted by the historical period they’re set in. 1529, Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall is an intimate portrait of Thomas Cromwell, the brilliant and ruthless advisor in the court of Henry VIII. As he walks the corridors of power at the Tudor court…

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Our top picks from the Alliance Française French Film Festival

Our staff bring us an update from the Alliance Française French Film Festival – what they’ve seen so far and what’s still to come! Mark Rubbo on Gemma Bovery:

I had the privilege of attending the opening night which included a viewing of Gemma Bovery – a funny retelling of Madame Bovary’s classic story. The film is based on a popular graphic novel by Posy Simmonds. Skilfully directed by Anne …

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