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Triple R Radiothon 2014: Local and Vocal – subscribe and be heard

The Triple R Radiothon is back on for 2014!

This year Triple R are getting back to basics and celebrating the core values that the station were founded on in 1976 that remain every bit as relevant thirty-eight years later – the things that make Triple R unique!

These values are reflected in Triple R’s local focus and independence. The station’s volunteer broadcasters remain free to be voca…

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What we’re reading

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on or the music we’re loving.

Nina is reading Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay

Roxane Gay is little known here in Australia, but she’s a rising literary star in the US (a quick Google search will reveal feature articles on her in the New York Times, Washington Post, Guardian, T

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Our top picks for Melbourne Festival

Here are our top picks for what to see at the Melbourne Festival this year!

Bronte Coates is intrigued by Marzo.

My normal response to people in masks is a straight-up nope! But Marzo has managed to draw me in somehow. Co-created by Dewey Dell (an Italian artists' collective), Yuichi Yokoyama (a manga artist) and Kuro Tanino (the Artistic Director of Japanese theatre company Niwagekidan Penin…

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Read the first two chapters of The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion

Here at Readings we’re extremely excited for the October release of The Rosie Effect. Now, you can download and read the first two chapters!

In Graeme Simsion’s sequel to his bestselling and award-winning romantic comedy, The Rosie Project, Don Tillman and Rosie Jarman are now married and living in New York. Don has been teaching while Rosie completes her second year at Columbia Medical School. …

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What I Loved: Lean on Pete by Willy Vlautin

by Alison Huber

One of the highlights of my reading year so far has been Willy Vlautin’s novel The Free. The book draws together the stories of three characters – an Iraq War veteran who attempts to take his own life; a nurse at the hospital where he is treated; and the night caretaker at the group home where he has been living – with quiet attention and compassion, but never with sentimentality or pity. It’s ex…

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The editors of three literary journals tell us what they’re reading

Throughout winter, we are celebrating Melbourne literary journals with a new event series, Journal Assembly. In June, we’ll hear from editors Brigid Mullane, Katia Pase and Samuel Rutter. Here, they share their current reading lists. Samuel Rutter, Higher Arc:

The majority of the reading I do these days is for my thesis, which means a lot of narrative theory but also a lot of excellent novels…

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Meet the bookseller with Tate Jerrems

by Tate Jerrems

We chat with Tate Jerrems about his mysterious taste in books and Germaine Greer.

Why do you work in books?

So many times has the book tucked snug under my arm or banging around in my backpack been the catalyst for a decision to move, meander, imagine and explore. Through reading, we live out someone else’s creative explorations as if they were our own, eventually altering the way we tell our…

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Fiona Hardy on the Ned Kelly Awards shortlist for 2014

by Fiona Hardy

Last Friday night, the Bendigo Writers Festival started with a flurry of events and the next morning, I set off on the V/Line train, waving goodbye to Melbourne’s tall towers and crowded streets for the torn-cotton clouds and mid-city fountains of Bendigo. My Kangaroo Flat-residing friend of some twenty-seven years – we’d met in our first year of primary school, bonding over being the two shortes…

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MIFF: A mid-festival update

Our staff bring us an update from the Melbourne International Film Festival – what they’ve seen so far and what’s still to come!

Suzanne Steinbruckner absolutely adored the newest Dardenne brothers film.

I’ve enjoyed a trimmed down MIFF this year, picking films to fit my schedule rather than trying to play tetris with that mammoth MIFF program grid – which is full workout in itself!


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