What we’re reading: Brandi, Chambers & Zisin

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Tye Cattanach is reading – surprise, surprise – a whole heaps of books!

It’s been a rich and varied week of reading for me, in which I read three books that could not be more different from one another. Let’s begin with Mark Brandi’s latest literary crime novel - The Others. Tense, atmospheric and beautifully evocative of the Australian landscape, The Others is a must read. You can read my full review for the July Readings Monthly here.

Next up is Jason Motts’ Hell Of A Book. Unlike any book I’ve ever read, this clever, compelling book is a wholly original approach to deep contemplation of the ethos of the publishing industry and its consumers, and most importantly what it means to be an author of colour in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement and enormous global political upheaval. A provocative and fascinating read, Hell Of A Book has secured a firm spot in my top ten for 2021.

Last but not least, I’ve been fortunate enough to have read Sally Rooney’s highly anticipated third novel Beautiful World Where Are You? For those of you who are already fans, I urge you to try to find away to warp the time space continuum and make your way to Sept 7th 2021. This one is truly something to look forward to. If you’ve never read Rooney’s work before this book is going to be an excellent place to start.


Gab Williams is reading Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers.

I’m reading Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers. Longlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2021, this book is an absolute delight. Set in London in the late 50s, it follows Jean Swinney, the journalist at the local paper, who follows up a story of a woman who’s claiming she had a virgin birth ten years earlier. This novel has an old-fashioned air about it, warm wit and politeness and kindness filling its pages. I adored every character between these pages, and I struggle to think of one person who wouldn’t be completely charmed. Highly recommend.


Lucie Dess is reading The Pronoun Lowdown by Nevo Zisin.

This week I picked up The Pronoun Lowdown by Nevo Zisin, a perfect read to conclude Pride Month. Nevo intertwines their lived experiences with studies and historical facts to demystify and celebrate gender diversity in an easy and fun way.

The book includes recommendations for books and movie/tv shows that centre trans experiences, a ‘Quick Histories’ section about trans and gender diverse people, and ‘Trans Trailblazers’ section spotlighting incredible trans people. There’s also sections on how to support a loved one, how to be a good ally, self and community-based care advice and how to check your privilege. At the back of the books, there’s also additional resources and a handy glossary for learning more about terms you might not understand.

This is the perfect book for those questioning their identity, those wanting to learn or better understand the trans or non-binary people in their life, and those like myself who want to learn to be a better ally. It’s such a great resource and a great read. Plus the cover, coloured pages and graphics inside are so much fun!

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