Tye Cattanach

Tye Cattanach works as a bookseller at Readings Carlton and Readings Kids.


The Airways by Jennifer Mills

Jennifer Mills is well known for experimenting with various writing styles, challenging the perceived boundaries and constructs of the novel. In a 2018 review for the Australian Book Review, James Br…

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The Others by Mark Brandi

‘Sometimes, you have to do the most terrible things. Sometimes, you just have to.’ With this single line the tone is firmly established for The Others, Mark Brandi’s highly anticipated new novel. Nar…

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Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

There are some classic children’s books that will invariably result in wistful exclamations of, ‘oh yes, I love that book!’ in bookish conversations with others. Harry and the Purple Crayon is always…

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Pietà by Michael Fitzgerald

Michael Fitzgerald’s second novel, Pietà, introduces us to Lucy, a young art history student on a mission: she’s tasked by her recently deceased mother (a former nun in the 1970s) to deliver a myster…

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As Beautiful As Any Other: A Memoir of My Body by Kaya Wilson

I confess to feeling completely at a loss for how to review Kaya Wilson’s breathtaking memoir As Beautiful As Any Other. How on earth will I be able to do it justice? I must begin somewhere and so I …

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The Care Factor by Ailsa Wild

2020 was an unprecedented year in many ways, exposing much of what is deeply flawed about our current societal structures. COVID-19 has taught us much about where the gaps are in our social fabric, w…

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Blue Flower by Sonya Hartnett & Gabriel Evans

A new book from Sonya Hartnett is always something to anticipate. Blue Flower is her first picture book since 2014 and this magical offering introduces readers to a sweet little character – and their…

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O by Steven Carroll

Almost 70 years ago, a slim little book was published by a small French publishing house, sans publicity or fanfare, its author a previously unheard-of woman by the name of Pauline Réage. The Story o

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Stars Like Us by Frances Chapman

Every two years, the team at Hardie Grant Egmont opens the inbox for their prestigious Ampersand Prize and encourages the submission of manuscripts of YA and middle grade fiction by unpublished write…

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