Unnecessary Drama

Nina Kenwood

Unnecessary Drama
Text Publishing Co
5 October 2022

Unnecessary Drama

Nina Kenwood

From the author of the much-loved It Sounded Better In My Head comes a deliciously entertaining new rom-com, set in a run-down student share house in Melbourne.

Eighteen-year-old Brooke is the kind of friend who not only remembers everyone’s birthdays, but also organises the group present, pays for it, and politely chases others for their share. She’s the helper, the doer, the guarder-of-drinks, the minder-of-bags, the maker-of-spreadsheets. She’s the responsible one who always follows the rules-and she plans to keep it that way during her first year of university.

Her new share house is rules-lite. But ‘no unnecessary drama’ means no fights, tension, or romance between housemates. When one of her housemates turns out to be Jesse, her high-school nemesis, Brooke is nervously confident she can handle it. They’ll simply silently endure living together and stay out of each other’s way. But it turns out Jesse isn’t so easy to ignore…

Channelling the screwball comedy of New Girl with an enemies-to-lovers twist, Unnecessary Drama is a joyful story about leaving home, dealing with the unexpected complications of life, and somehow finding exactly what you need.


When first-year university student Brooke moves into a share house with two people she believes to be strangers, she is a bit nervous, rather anxious, somewhat terrified, but also super excited! This is her chance at a whole new life, with new friends, a new level of sophistication and maybe even a new partner. Far away from her hometown, Brooke might finally be able to step out from the shadow of her gorgeous, messed-up big sister Lauren, and perhaps begin to forge a decent adult relationship with her father. She might even become the writer she knows she is destined to be, and dazzle her fellow uni students with her intelligence and wit. There is just so much to look forward to!

And yet, on her very first day at the new house, it turns out that she does know one of her housemates – Jesse – all too well. He was that guy from high school, the one she thought was her friend, until the day he said something so deeply scarring she has never been able to forgive him. Now they must coexist under the same roof and obey the three fundamental household rules: no pets, no romance and no unnecessary drama. Shouldn’t be that hard, right?

This is one of the most hilarious books I have read in a very long time. Brooke’s anxieties are all too real, and the ways she tries to deal with them are both brilliant and often doomed to fail. The scenes between her and her ex-friend-turned-housemate-turned-romantic interest Jesse are pure magic and an absolute delight to read. Enjoy the banter, prepare to relate to some wonderful characters and don’t forget to keep the tissues handy to wipe away those tears of laughter and joy. For ages 13+.

Kate McIntosh is the manager of Readings Doncaster

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