Australian Fiction reviews

In the Garden of the Fugitives by Ceridwen Dovey

Reviewed by Alison Huber

Ceridwen Dovey won the inaugural Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction in 2014 with her book of short stories, Only the Animals, an audacious and original work of imagination. Dovey’s new novel c…

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The Ruin by Dervla McTiernan

Reviewed by Bronte Coates

If you’re on the hunt for a crime story that’s going to consume every other thought in your head, wring you out like a wet towel, and then deposit you back in the real world with your nerves fried to…

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The Whole Bright Year by Debra Oswald

Reviewed by Sharon Peterson

Debra Oswald has been writing since she was a teenager and is perhaps best known for her scriptwriting for both stage and screen (she is the creator and main writer of the TV series Offspring). In 20…

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Dyschronia by Jennifer Mills

Reviewed by Freya Howarth

In recent years, a number of Australian authors have turned their attention to the interrelated effects of climate change, the disintegration of rural communities, the growing power of corporations a…

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A Long Way from Home by Peter Carey

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo

One of my favourite books is Peter Carey’s Illywhacker, with its outrageous narrator Herbert Badgery and the sprawling basalt plains of Bacchus Marsh. It was a riot of fun that hid a message about th…

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Border Districts by Gerald Murnane

Reviewed by Kelsey Oldham

If you’ve ever read Gerald Murnane before, you’ll have some idea of what to expect with Border Districts, his thirteenth book and, apparently, his final work of fiction. It’s esoteric, thought-provok…

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Stories and True Stories by Helen Garner

Reviewed by Jo Case

I know I’m not the only Melbourne writer whose motto, at my laptop, is WWHGD (what would Helen Garner do?). From Monkey Grip – Readings’ first Australian bestseller – to last year’s collected non-fic…

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Atlantic Black by A.S. Patrić

Reviewed by Chris Gordon

When I finished reading Alec Patrić’s latest book, I was surprised to find myself in the same room as I was when I started reading. Surely something must have changed. I had been swept away on a jour…

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Mrs. M by Luke Slattery

Reviewed by Susan Stevenson

Over the course of a long, sleepless night, Elizabeth Macquarie composes an epitaph for her husband, Governor Lachlan Macquarie. From widowhood on the Isle of Mull, she revisits their part in the tum…

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The Passage of Love by Alex Miller

Reviewed by Chris Gordon

I don’t suppose Alex Miller is religious – nor am I, for that matter – however, I did think of Corinthians 13:8 when reading Miller’s new book, The Passage of Love. It goes something like this, depen…

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