Pip and Houdini

J.C. Jones

Pip and Houdini
Allen & Unwin
26 July 2017

Pip and Houdini

J.C. Jones

Pip has one clue about the whereabouts of her birth mother, Cass - an old postcard from Beautiful Byron Bay. She’s been settled with the Brownings, who are planning to adopt her-at least, that’s until Pip gets into trouble once again! Now, Pip is sure she won’t find a home with the Brownings. There’s only one place she might belong, and that’s with her mother. With her faithful hound Houdini by her side, Pip sets off north, to find out once and for all what became of Cass.

It’s a journey filled with interesting people, including a mysteriously musical young woman and a friendly, sun-bitten surfer. But as Pip draws ever-closer to Byron Bay, is she prepared for what she will find when she gets there?

Once again this girl as skinny as a piece of string proves that adventure is where you choose to find it and a little bit of kindness can go a long way!

Pip and Houdini is a warm-hearted adventure story about a feisty girl and her escape-artist dog exploring the world.


Pip and Houdini follows the success of Run Pip Run, J.C. Jones’s shortlisted book for the CBCA Book of the Year for Younger Readers 2016 and winner of the Readings Children’s Book Prize. Pip is one of those characters who will leave you smitten, as with Anne (with an e) of Anne of Green Gables. Precociously independent and resourceful, ten-and-a-half-year-old Pip is the director of her own story.

In this sequel, Pip is dealing with the tragic loss of her guardian, Sully, a kind man who took Pip under his care after she was abandoned (as a baby) by her mother. Heartbroken by Sully’s death, Pip sets off in search of the only caregiver she believes she has left: the mother who’d abandoned her. With only a postcard of her mother’s last known address, Pip embarks on a journey from Sydney to Byron Bay. It’s fraught with challenges, such as being a stowaway in the back of someone’s van, sleeping rough in public places, and having to hide her dog Houdini in her backpack as they travel on trains. This is a journey that proves life-altering in a beneficent way, not just for Pip, but also for the strangers she meets on the way. A gorgeous story about a brave yet sensitive girl.

Natalie Platten

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