Henrietta and the Perfect Night

Martine Murray

Henrietta and the Perfect Night
Allen & Unwin
22 February 2017

Henrietta and the Perfect Night

Martine Murray

Hello everybody, it’s me. Henrietta the Great Go-Getter, and I’m having a big think. Right now I’m thinking I’d like a baby sister, so I can dress her up in different sorts of hats. But Mum says we’ll have to wait and see. I’m terrible at waiting.

Meanwhile, I’m an explorer of life, and that includes trees, bugs, animals and all mysteries. I’m going to school for the very first time, which means I might have to go as a spy so that I can have a secret peep inside…

When Henrietta sees Olive Higgie crying in the classroom, she goes on a rescue mission and finds that you only need one friend in a room full of strangers to feel perfectly happy.

Henrietta’s stories are full of funny thoughts and discoveries, and maybe the best are the ones that take a long time to come.


The first three Henriettas were explosions of delicious words and rompish ‘explorifications’. She tantalised us with her capricious adventures and exhilarating observations; Henrietta’s world was teeming with hullaballoos!

This time around things seem a little tamer, maybe the real madness started when she became a big sister. In this prequel, Henrietta has to have patience because mum is cooking a baby and sadly it is going to take longer than a baked cake. Still, there are other things to occupy her like starting school and meeting her soon-to-be best friend, Olive Higgie.

If you haven’t met Henrietta before, start with this one and then in April you will really get to experience the most marvellous madness that is Henrietta as the first three books are being re-issued in one volume (Henrietta, the Greatest Go-Getter). They are perfect for anyone 5 and up who likes ‘exhillperating’ dilemmas and magical thinking.

Alexa Dretzke

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