The Grand, Genius Summer of Henry Hoobler

Lisa Shanahan

The Grand, Genius Summer of Henry Hoobler
Allen & Unwin
25 January 2017

The Grand, Genius Summer of Henry Hoobler

Lisa Shanahan

It struck Henry that perhaps he was waiting for the exact right moment to be daring and brave. The exact right moment where he felt no worry at all, not one tiny flicker. But what if that moment never came?

Henry Hoobler is a reluctant adventurer who is worried about his summer holiday camping at the beach: bugs, spiders, snakes, stingers, blue-ringed octopi or sharks. Worst of all, his family and friends are pushing him to ride his new silver bike - without training wheels. But when Henry meets Cassie, he discovers that courage is there to be found when you have a friend who is straight-up and true.

A joyous, heart-warming story from the much-loved author of My Big Birkett.


Henry Hoobler is not only super cautious about everything, but he’s also one of the world’s great catastrophisers! Henry is paralysed by anxiety and fear of most things; while family and friends enjoy everything a summer holiday by the beach has to offer, all he can think of is sharks and creepy crawlies. But when he meets the gregarious young Cassie, Henry makes a decision that will change his outlook forever.

What I loved about this endearing story is the author’s easy, flowing style, authentic characters and situations, all imbibed with a natural humour. This is a fun-filled, heart-warming tale exploring themes of anxiety, courage and friendship. It’s perfect for independent readers who enjoy a realistic adventure story – especially for any child who needs to conquer their fears and discover their inner Henry!

A great read-aloud story for the whole family and highly recommended for ages 7 and up.

Athina Clarke

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