A Tangle of Gold: The Colours of Madeleine Book 3

Jaclyn Moriarty

A Tangle of Gold: The Colours of Madeleine Book 3
Pan Macmillan Australia
23 February 2016

A Tangle of Gold: The Colours of Madeleine Book 3

Jaclyn Moriarty

The Kingdom of Cello is in crisis. Princess Ko’s deception has been revealed and the Elite have taken control, placing the Princess, Samuel and Sergio under arrest and ordering their execution. Elliot is being held captive by the Hostiles and Colour storms are raging through the land. The Cello Wind has been silent for months.

Plans are in place to bring the remaining Royals home from the World but then all communication between Cello and the World will cease. That means Madeleine will lose Elliot, forever.

Madeleine and Elliot must solve the mystery of Cello before it is too late.


Either, like me, you’ve read the first two books of Jaclyn Moriarty’s Colours of Madeleine trilogy and have been waiting anxiously to find out what happens next to the wonderful characters that inhabit its pages. Or, you’re one of those unlucky souls yet to discover the Kingdom of Cello.

If you are among the latter, allow me one brief rave: I fell in love with this series slowly, but completely. Moriarty’s story of two teenagers who discover a crack between their two worlds is funny and charming, smart and magical, and yes – like all of Moriarty’s books – a little whimsical, but with a satisfyingly ironic wit that cuts through the froth. A fresh and imaginative approach to the fantasy genre, The Colours of Madeleine is a delightful way to spend a weekend; I highly recommend it.

I also recommend you stop reading this review right now as it contains spoilers.

A Tangle of Gold is the final book in the trilogy, and the stakes are high from the opening pages. Princess Ko is due to be executed, Elliot is being held hostage by hostiles and with plans underway to transport the rest of the royals back to Cello, Madeleine is afraid she’s about to lose her connection to this world (and one of her best friends) forever. The Kingdom itself is in crisis – rife with miscommunications, political turmoil, and increasingly erratic, deadly, weather. Moriarty expands on its mythology and history with a deft touch.

The plot of this series continues to twist and weave, with some wonderful surprises still to be revealed. The way in which these threads wind their way together is immensely satisfying (if a little neat), and there’s a real pleasure to be found in seeing these smart, enterprising teenagers take matters into their own hands to save the day.

Bronte Coates

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