Jeannie Baker

Walker Books Ltd
United Kingdom
1 June 2016


Jeannie Baker

From the creator of the critically acclaimed Where the Forest Meets the Sea and Mirror, comes a poetic, eco-conscious picture book which explores the complex, interdependency of nature.

This is the story of the little-known Bar-tailed Godwit who, following invisible pathways that have been used for thousands of years, undertakes the longest unbroken migration of any bird, a total of 11,000 kilometres, flying from Australia and New Zealand to their breeding grounds in the Arctic …and back again.

Facing hunger and treacherous conditions to reach their destination, their flight is one of bravery, tenacity and strength, and Jeannie’s stunning mixed media collages, inspired first-hand by the spectacular landscapes of Alaska and China, will amaze readers, and take them on an extraordinary visual journey to the corners of our Earth.


Jeannie Baker has long been concerned with the human impact on our natural world and Circle is another intricate and radiant book that reflects this. I am a huge fan of Baker’s artwork and her stories and have seen every exhibition that accompanies each publication – I strongly urge you to see the Circle illustrations when they travel around Australia. While reproduction into print is marvellous, to see the detail and textures of her collages firsthand is to see the work of one of our most talented storytellers.

Now, let me tell you about this amazing story which follows the migratory path of the Bar-tailed Godwit (wading bird) as it travels 11,000 kilometres for nine days & nights, without stopping, from its Alaskan breeding ground down to Australia and New Zealand for the summer. Observing their journey is a young wheelchair-bound boy who sees them at his local beach, reads about them in books and wishes he could fly with them. Their return the following year sees him almost recovered and keen to see them again. If only he could have flown with these plucky aviators as they faced predators and challenging weather, but it is urban development that is their biggest threat, oh, and a little thing called climate change.

This is an exquisite depiction of a natural phenomenon and there are fantastic teacher notes available which contain an illuminating interview with Jeannie Baker. Not to be missed.

For ages 4 and up.

Alexa Dretzke

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