Moon Sugar

Angela Meyer

Moon Sugar
1 October 2022

Moon Sugar

Angela Meyer

Mila can’t shake her grief for the life she thought she’d have. She’s broke, childless, and single. But her developing relationship with Josh, a ‘sugar baby’, opens her eyes to new possibilities.

Then Josh goes missing on a trip to Europe - a presumed suicide. Mila, and Josh’s best friend Kyle, are devastated, yet they suspect something is amiss. Together, they feel compelled to trace Josh’s steps across Budapest, Prague and Berlin, seeking clues in his last posts online.

Yet is there one mysterious factor Mila hasn’t considered?

Is running toward danger the only way for Mila to meet her true capacity? Or will it mean yet more loss?

This genre-defying stunner asks how we might make the most of our power in the face of fear, loss, and the unknown. It celebrates our ability, despite great challenges, to be intimate with others and with the world.

‘Sexy and smart and hyper-colour and haunted, in the most beautiful way. As I read Moon Sugar, memories and feelings from my own life and the characters’ lives kept surfacing, and then sinking again. Using magic as a form of truth, Meyer has written a story that is at once pure, dark and startling as life itself.‘ - Laura McPhee-Browne, author of Cherry Beach

Moon Sugar evokes a world that is strangely ours and recognisably something else. A wild, genre-bending ride, irradiated by grief.’ - Miles Allinson, author of In Moonland


Recently separated and living in Melbourne, personal trainer Mila meets ‘sugar baby’ Josh when she becomes one of his clients through the ‘SugarMeetMe’ website. Time passes and the two develop an emotional intimacy alongside their physical one. Then Josh goes missing on a trip to Europe in what appears to be a suicide. Deciding to trace his final days, Mila contacts Josh’s housemate and friend Kyle and together they travel through Budapest, Prague and Berlin seeking answers. Was Josh the victim of foul play or does the answer lie elsewhere?

I’m sure I won’t be the only one to use the term genre-bending to describe Angela Meyer’s new novel Moon Sugar but I can’t think of a more apt starting point. The novel weaves its way through literary, thriller, mystery, action and speculative fiction elements (there are even astronauts!) while incorporating social commentary throughout. At its core though, Moon Sugar has a strong thematic heart. It is about grief, desire, intimacy and above all connection – with each other and our environment. As wild as the story gets (but in the best possible way) the bond between Josh, Mila and Kyle remains central, keeping the reader emotionally invested. I genuinely felt how much these characters cared for each other. I must also mention that as the novel progresses there is a lovely injection of humour and satire which works well with the latter part of the story.

I’m a huge fan of Meyer’s debut, A Superior Spectre, so I was highly anticipating this second novel. I loved how Moon Sugar was different in its story and themes but still written with the same boldness and assurance. Meyer knows how to write about big ideasbut connect and structure them in a way that keeps the intention of the novel intact. Moon Sugar is uncompromised storytelling that challenges and entertains, and a welcome addition to my reading list this year.

Amanda Rayner is from Readings Carlton.

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