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Q&A with Geordie Williamson, author of The Burning Library

by Jessica Au

Geordie Williamson chats with Jessica Au about his new book, The Burning Library.

Tell us about writing The Burning Library – where did the idea start for you?

The germ of an idea came with 2009’s Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature. I thought the project brilliant. It was a physically handsome book, produced by gifted editors and scholars, and filled with masses of unexpected,…

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Maxine McKew and Sally Warhaft chat about Tales from the Political Trenches

by Sally Warhaft

In Tales from the Political Trenches, Maxine McKew investigates the state of Labor today – the embittered struggle for leadership between Gillard and Rudd, the fraught road to minority government and the unseeable times ahead. She talks to Sally Warhaft.

It was the ousting of one prime minister that launched Maxine McKew into politics. It was the ousting of another that has now launched her …

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Winners of the 2012 Melbourne Prize for Literature

The Melbourne Prize Trust has announced the winners of the Melbourne Prize for Literature.

The winner of 2012 Best Writing Award is Craig Sherborne for his novel The Amateur Science of Love.

The overall winner of the 2012 Melbourne Prize for Literature is Alex Miller, for his body of work including novels Autumn Laing, Lovesong, Journey to the Stone Country and many more.

The 2012 Civic Choi…

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NSW Premier’s Awards Shortlists 2012

The shortlists for this year’s New South Wales Premier’s Literary and History Awards have been announced.

Christina Stead Prize for Fiction ($40,000) and nominees for the People’s Choice Award:

All That I Am (Anna Funder, Penguin) Sarah Thornhill (Kate Grenville, Text) Five Bells (Gail Jones, Vintage) The Life (Malcolm Knox, A&U) That Deadman Dance (Kim Scott, Picador) The Roving Party (Ro…

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New Adult: passing fad or the missing genre?

by Emily Gale

Since the Young Adult boom, the genre has been struggling to manage its broad reach: is New Adult the answer?

Last year I heard about a genre called New Adult, but the term has been used in the U.S. since 2009 to describe fiction that bridges the gap between Young Adult and Adult fiction. At first I scoffed. Did we need this new subset or was it a cynical marketing term? Why would anyone …

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Round-Up of November New Release Books

by Martin Shaw

As I write, it’s that time of year when there is a flurry of awards: the Nobel, the Booker and the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards, to name a few. But for me the most interesting announcement during the last month was that of a shortlist for a new award, administered by the Small Press Network – a representative body for small and independent Australian publishers.

The Most Underrated Book A…

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Q&A with Jen Storer, author of Truly Tan

by Emily Gale

Jen Storer is the author of children’s books The Accidental Princess and Tensy Farlow and the Home For Mislaid Children. Here she chats about her latest book, Truly Tan, a funny and action-packed mystery for readers 8 and up.

The first book in your Truly Tan series is a ghostly adventure that had my eight-year-old completely hooked. Can you tell us about some of your influences? I thought i

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Books, Films and CDs for Halloween

It’s Halloween! It might not be a real holiday in Australia (yet!) but it is a great excuse to celebrate all things creepy. Here’s a round-up of the scary books, films and CDs we think you should be reading, watching and listening to today:

Five books to read this Halloween

Spooky books for kids and teens

Five films to watch this Halloween

Five CDs to play this Halloween

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Five CDs To Play This Halloween

by Ingrid Josephine

Music lover Ingrid Josephine makes suggestions for some CDs to play this Halloween – a couple of which are perhaps not so much ‘scary’ as appropriately named.

***Halloween Classics* by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra**

What better way to kick off this list than with ghoulish delights from the Greats such as Puccini’s ‘Witches’ Sabbath’, Chopin’s ‘Funeral March’, Mozart’s ‘The Statue Drags …

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Q&A with Lachlann Carter, founder of 100 Story Building

by Nina Kenwood

100 Story Building is a new social enterprise and centre for young writers. Here Nina Kenwood chats with founder Lachlann Carter.

Can you tell us a little about 100 Story Building? How did the project begin?

100 Story Building provides opportunities for the most marginalised children and young people in the inner west of Melbourne to develop the literacy skills, confidence and sense of belongin…

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