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Q&A with Jennifer Mills, author of The Rest is Weight

by Jessica Au

Jessica Au chats to Jennifer Mills about her new book, The Rest is Weight.

There’s a beautiful otherworldliness to this collection – a young architect endlessly perfecting plans for a gargantuan city, Russian pilots charged with controlling the weather. Why this gentle surrealism?

Short stories are far more playful than longer form writing, and since they don’t have to have as much structur…

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Alice Pung interviews Majok Tulba about Beneath the Darkening Sky

by Alice Pung

Majok Tulba arrived in Australia from Sudan in 2001, having narrowly missed out on being recruited as a child solder for a rebel army. Alice Pung talks to him about his debut novel, Beneath the Darkening Sky.

When Susan Sontag wrote Regarding the Pain of Others, about portraying hell through art, she said that this portrayal was not intended ‘to tell us anything about how to extract people f…

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Q&A with Ruby J. Murray, author of Running Dogs

by Jessica Au

Jessica Au from Readings St Kilda chats to Ruby J. Murray about her debut novel, *Running Dogs.*

Photo courtesy of Brad Dunn

How did Running Dogs begin for you?

I was working in communications for a large intergovernmental development organisation in Jakarta at the time, and things were… hectic. Political fall-outs, earthquake disaster responses, an enormous amount of change within the org…

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Drusilla Modjeska talks to Geordie Williamson about The Mountain

by Geordie Williamson

Drusilla Modjeska (author of Poppy, The Orchard and the award-winning Stravinsky’s Lunch) chats to Geordie Williamson about her first foray into fiction, The Mountain.

In 1929, French writer and poet Andre Breton produced a map of the world, one that bore scant resemblance to Mercator’s projections. What Breton’s deeply subjective cartography registered instead was his fellow surrealists’ p…

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Q&A with David Vann, author of Dirt

by Jason Austin, Readings Carlton

Jason Austin of Readings Carlton chats to David Vann about his latest novel.

Your first two novels – Legend of a Suicide and Caribou Island – are set in Alaska and your new novel, Dirt, is set in the Sacramento region of California. How do you find that you are able to evoke such a strong sense of place in your writing?

My family hunted on the same ranch every year, and as we walked throug…

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Q&A with Ryan O'Neill, author of The Weight of a Human Heart

by Jessica Au

Jessica Au from Readings St Kilda chats to Ryan O'Neill about his debut collection of short stories, *The Weight of a Human Heart*.

**One of the hallmarks of your writing is your ability to experiment with both voice and style. In The Weight of the Human Heart we find stories that record the breakdown of a marriage through infographics, or express a daughter’s grief and anger in typography.…

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Q&A with David Marr on Patrick White’s The Hanging Garden

by Will Heyward, Readings St Kilda

Will Heyward from Readings St Kilda chats to Patrick White scholar and biographer, David Marr, about the author’s ‘lost’ novel, The Hanging Garden.

Every day it seems that a previously unpublished work from a dead author gets discovered. The trend might have been started with Kafka, and recently there have been books by Nabokov, Foster Wallace, Bolano etc. So, is this just a case of authors

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Meet the Bookseller with Imogen Dewey from Readings Carlton

We chat with Imogen Dewey from Readings Carlton about Zadie Smith, Enid Blyton, and getting to meet Bernard from Black Books.

Why do you work in books?

I really love them. Reading is pretty essential to me. Helping people find the right thing is very satisfying and often very fun, whether it’s something they love, something new, or a gift for ‘someone who doesn’t like books’ (incidentally,…

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Romy Ash talks to Tony Birch about Floundering

by Tony Birch

Debut novelist Romy Ash talks to Tony Birch about what it means to be a child both loved and abandoned, and the dark menace of Australia’s far-flung corners in her new book Floundering.

Towards the conclusion of this remarkable debut novel by Romy Ash, Nev, a crusty and dangerously flawed loner, holding court with himself in a caravan at the edge of nowhere, gives advice to our young narrat…

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Q&A with Pierz Newton-John, author of Fault Lines

by Jessica Au

Jessica Au from Readings St Kilda chats to Melbourne author Pierz Newton-John about his debut collection of short stories, Fault Lines.

Many of the stories in Fault Lines play upon a certain kind of suburban unease – relationships growing stagnant, boys bullied and turned violent, crocodiles kept as pets in garden sheds, wasp’s nests in bathroom walls. Do you feel as a writer that there’s s

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