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Meet our new Human Resources Manager Megan Wood

by Megan Wood

Megan Wood started at Readings in late 2019, stepping into the role of Human Resources Manager for the company. Here, we ask her about her about some of her favourite authors, and which fictional world she’d choose to live inside of. Describe your taste in books.

I find my taste varies quite a lot. I wouldn’t say I have one particular genre or style of book that I favour, it really depends on…

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Meet the bookseller with Pia Spreadborough

Pia Spreadborough has worked at Readings since 2010, moonlighting at various stores, managing book launches and more. She now works in the Readings warehouse as a member of our busy online dispatch and receiving teams. Here, she chats about books and what happens when you turn feminism into a commodity, and shares the disaster artists she’d invite to a dinner party. What is your favourite part…

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Meet the bookseller with Athina Clarke

by Athina Clarke

Athina Clarke is one of our brilliant children’s and young adult book specialists, and has worked at Readings since 2002 – first at the Port Melbourne shop, before moving onto Readings Malvern where she’s been the buyer for more than seven years. She has been involved in a number of initiatives around children’s books over the years and was named the recipient of the ABA Elizabeth Riley Fellowshi…

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Meet the bookseller with James Butler

by James Butler

James Butler works as a bookseller at our Hawthorn shop. Here we chat with them about how they ended up working in bookshops, and what’s an Australian book everyone should read. Why did you decide to work in books?

I began working in an independent bookshop when I first started studying creative writing and English literature at university. It felt like work that was the perfect extension of …

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Meet the bookseller with Dave Little

In our latest Meet the Bookseller post, we chat to Readings Carlton bookseller and customer service extraordinaire Dave Little about how he came to work in books, what books have made an impact on him, and what he’s looking to read next. Why did you decide to work in books?

I started working at an independent bookstore in Brisbane soon after I studied literature at uni. I didn’t intend to sti…

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Meet the bookseller with Margaret Snowdon

Margaret Snowdon is a bookseller and the immensely knowledgeable art & design book buyer with the very good eye at Readings Carlton. Here, she chats about her favourite parts of her job working on the floor, the books that made an impact on her growing up, and how she came to work in the book industry. Why did you decide to work in books?

It just happened. I was at a loose end after I finish…

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Meet the bookseller with Sam Kelly

Sam Kelly is a bookseller at Readings Doncaster and the spark that drives the Doncaster middle fiction book club. Here, she chats about the favourite parts of her job, books that have changed the way she thinks, and what’s on her reading pile right now. Sam also runs the website Retrieve-a-Book, where she posts young adult and middle-fiction book news, reviews and recommendations. What is you…

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Meet the bookseller with Freya Howarth

Freya Howarth is a bookseller at our St Kilda store. Here, she chats to us about the best parts of her job, talks about books that have changed the way she thinks, and why bookshops should always just be a little bit haunted. Tell us about a book that changed the way you think.

His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. I’m not sure if it’s quite right to say it changed the way I think, so much as…

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Meet the bookseller with Fiona Hardy

Fiona Hardy is a woman of many talents: bookseller, Readings Monthly’s crime fiction columnist, co-host of the Readings podcast episodes Good Cop, Bad Cop and the soon-to-be published author of the eagerly anticipated middle-grade novel How to Make a Movie in Twelve Days, (available September). In what little spare time she has, she also blogs about children’s books at Fiona The Hardy. Here she …

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Meet the bookseller with Kathy Kozlowski

Kathy Kozlowski is a children’s book specialist who has worked in children’s literature for more than 40 years. Here, she shares the changes she’s witnessed in the book industry and which authors she’d invite to a dinner party. Why did you decide to work in books and what is your favourite part of the job?

It was a light bulb moment during university when I realised that if I worked with chil…

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