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Why spaghetti is the King of Pasta: An extract and recipe from Andreas Papadakis of Tipo 00

Andreas Papadakis, of much-loved Melbourne restaurant Tipo 00, shares a simple yet delicious recipe and makes his case for shop-bought spaghetti, and why he thinks spaghetti (in all its forms) reigns supreme.

For me, spaghetti is the King of Pasta. It’s not easy to explain why, but there’s something about eating spaghetti that offers a particular sense of satisfaction. I think it’s because al dente spaghetti is unique; its shape and size give the perfect combination of soft on…

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Children's cooking books

It's getting cold and rainy outside, meaning the kids are stuck inside. How will you keep them occupied? Cooking of course! Here is a great collection of cookbooks perfect for little chefs that will have them cooking up a storm in no time! And hey, maybe they'll even take over all the cooking and you can put your feet up . . .

Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street by Felicita Sala

In each apartment, someone is preparing a special dish…

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Vegan & vegetarian cookbooks

by Lucie Dess

Are you vegetarian or vegan? Or just want to cook some delicious plant-based dishes? Then this blog is for you! I've collated some new and exciting cookbooks to help you cook up a storm. From Turkish feasts to rustic country style recipes, there's something for everyone here. Be ready to add some exciting new meals to your weekly rotation!

For the fuss-free cook

So Vegan: EASY by Roxy Pope and Ben Pook

The brilliant creators of One Pot Vegan are…

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Cookbooks that bring Melbourne's best food to your home

by Bella Mackey

Melbourne is home to famous chefs and restaurants, with a passionate foodie culture for everything from fine dining to hole-in-the-wall sandwich shops. And now that more and more of Melbourne's culinary icons are releasing cookbooks, it's possible to get that gourmet experience from the comfort of your own kitchen!

Baker Bleu: Bake It Till You Make It

By Mike Russell

In 2016, Bak­er Bleu start­ed as a small bak­ery in Elstern­wick, creating sourdough using traditional techniques and sustainably farmed ingredients…

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Best food and gardening books of the month, with Chris Gordon

by Chris Gordon

The Mediterranean Cook by Meni Valle

Meni Valle is a teacher and a culinary tour guide in the Mediterranean. This is excellent news because it means her recipes are easy to follow, considered for a range of skill sets, and include a historical background to each dish. This is her sixth cookbook, and it captures the Mediterranean approach of dishes that spread from the early afternoon through to the evening. Imagine filo pastries, stuffed vegetables, grilled meats, and delicious fruit-based…

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We test recipes from Beatrix Bakes: Another Slice

Recently our office was blessed with a visit from legendary local baker Natalie Paull. The visit coincides with the publication of her second cookbook Beatrix Bakes: Another slice (yes, we have signed copies), and to celebrate our multi-talented staff participated in an in-house bake-off, where we trialled recipes from Paull's latest collection.

With Paull on-site to judge an array of delicious bakes including tarts, chiffon cakes, buns and pies – this was truly a taste test to relish…

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Vegan festive feasting

by Lucie Dess

Are you vegan and dreading another Christmas of a few wilted lettuce leaves and some turkey-tainted roast veg on your plate? Or perhaps you're not vegan, but you need to cater for some this festive season and aren't sure where to begin! Well, feast your eyes on this line-up of vegan cookbooks that will have vegan and non-vegan tastebuds singing this Christmas!

For those who like a traditional Christmas...

A Very Vegan Christmas by Sam Dixon

Do you miss iconic…

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A recipe from Rumi by Joseph Abboud

Rumi is a wonderful collection of over 60 recipes from chef and restaurant owner Joseph Abboud. Below, we're pleased to share a recipe from this heartfelt – and delicous – collection of recipes.

Freekeh, feta and pomegranate salad

Freekeh is wheat, picked green (young) and then toasted or smoked. It comes from the Arabic word farik, which refers to the rubbing of the grains to remove their husks. It’s highly nutritious and it seems the more you eat, the better

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We test recipes from Philoxenia

Recently we tested a selection of recipes from Philoxenia: A Seat at My Table, a new cookbook from Kon Karapanagiotidis, founder of the ASRC, and his mother, Sia.

We were of course thrilled to then have Kon and Sia themselves stop by to taste test our attempts and judge the best replication.

Joe Rubbo made Spanikopita

I made the Spanikopita. Although I cheated by not making the phyllo pastry, using store bought instead. This shortcoming was spotted immediately by…

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Gift ideas for fathers who love to keep busy

We've compiled a collection of books that are perfect for fathers who love a hands-on project, sharing a big family meal, and getting out and about in nature. Read on for our top Father’s Day recommendations for busy souls.

For the dedicated home cook:

The Food Fix by Yumi Stynes & Simon Davis

Since its launch, the 5 Minute Food Fix podcast has consistently been among the most downloaded food podcasts in the country, and has spawned a vast collection…

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