Seven Australian novels to read in March

Our staff recommend seven Australian novels to read this month, including debuts from Dervla McTiernan and Tracy Sorensen, alongside new books from old favourites such as Tim Winton, Ceridwen Dovey, Michael Mohammed Ahmad and more.


The Shepherd’s Hut by Tim Winton (available 9 March)

‘Reading this book is like a roller coaster; the vernacular, the language, is a wild and constant surprise – you’ll ‘wander round like a loonie till the shitawks pecked out your eyes’. There is so much energy packed into this book. The Shepherd’s Hut is an adventure story about disappointment, about friendship, about risk, about growing up, growing old and about sadness. And what a treat this story is.’

Mark Rubbo, managing director


In the Garden of the Fugitives by Ceridwen Dovey

‘Ceridwen Dovey won the inaugural Readings Prize for New Australian Fiction in 2014 with her book of short stories, Only the Animals, an audacious and original work of imagination. Dovey’s new novel confirms she is one of the most exciting writers working in Australia today. … In the Garden of the Fugitives is a remarkable book and its author is a star.’

Alison Huber, book division manager


The Rúin by Dervla McTiernan

‘If you’re on the hunt for a crime story that’s going to consume every other thought in your head, wring you out like a wet towel, and then deposit you back in the real world with your nerves fried to crisp … You’re in luck. The Rúin is the kind of book that you will inevitably find yourself recommending to every person you know, and probably also that lovely person who makes you coffee. It’s blisteringly good.’

Bronte Coates, digital content coordinator


What the Light Reveals by Mick McCoy

‘Clocking in at about 350 pages, this novel manages to operate as both an historical account and a Cold War thriller. Ultimately, however, the narrative is less about Cold War politics than it is about the bonds that hold a family together and the moments that tear them apart. A smart, engrossing, and heartfelt read from a local author. What more could you ask for?’

Tristen Kiri Brudy, bookseller at Readings Carlton


The Lebs by Michael Mohammed Ahmad

‘The new novel from Michael Mohammed Ahmad is a bold and wired read; tension is coiled tightly within every paragraph. The way the prose comes at you, you’d swear it was cornering you. … The Lebs is a new and exciting contribution to Australian literature.’

Chris Somerville, online bookseller


The Lucky Galah by Tracy Sorensen

‘This is the story of the life of a galah, but also one about living through loneliness, change, and the frustration of feeling stagnant. It is a book that is at once humorous and heartfelt, and evokes a specific era in Australian history very well.’

Ellen Cregan, marketing and events coordinator


The Passengers by Eleanor Limprecht

‘Limprecht is an experienced author, and in The Passengers she manages to entwine issues of the past and present into an effortless read. She gives us time to ponder family, despondency, and how existences are made from decisions at a series of crossroads. In doing so, she honours the heroic strength needed in order to change direction.’

Chris Gordon, events manager

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