On events, with Chris Gordon

Goodness I have felt worn out these last few weeks by the behaviour of so many of our leaders. I find listening or reading other people’s stories the easiest way to sidestep the blues. I know I always feel better when I get to share, laugh or learn from my community.

We are completely spoilt for choice this month, but I admit to being very excited to be spending some time with Judith Lucy. She is drop-dead funny, and she will be talking about her new book, Turns Out, I’m Fine in person at The Collective in Carlton (Tuesday 11 May). This is her most candid and insightful book yet, where she figures out what went wrong and then turns her attention to forgetting other people’s expectations to find out what her life might look like if it went right.

Another wonderful woman, historian Dale Kent, stopped listening to other people a long time ago. Together with the Future Women club, we are delighted to bring you a discussion between Kent and Clare Wright as they discuss Kent’s The Most I Could Be (Wednesday 19 May). In this feminist memoir spanning continents and a lifetime of scholarship, Kent recounts the battles she faced as a female scholar. Linda Jaivin would also be familiar with such battles. On Thursday 27 May she and her friend Kevin Rudd join us to discuss her new book The Shortest History of China. Her book is a view of China from its philosophical origins to its various political systems, and I am sure discussion will lead to the country’s more recent history as well.

Of course, I am thrilled that this month we also have events with such kind and generous men like activist Scott Ludlam in conversation with Tony Birch (Tuesday 6 May) and author Hugh MacKay (Wed 12 May) discussing his latest book, The Kindness Revolution, which reflects on the lessons we are learning from the pandemic – about making personal sacrifices for the common good and valuing our relationships. Imagine how different our society could be if we were to apply those lessons more widely. Imagine how our leaders could lead. Imagine who our leaders would be.

Be sure to visit our events page to book tickets to these fabulous conversations and for more information about our online and in-person events.

Chris Gordon is the events manager for Readings.

Turns Out, I'm Fine: How Not to Fall Apart

Turns Out, I’m Fine: How Not to Fall Apart

Judith Lucy

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