10 Kids Graphic Novel Favourites of 2021

It was such a fantastic year for graphic novels, with many beautiful new books coming out from both Australian and international authors and artists. Here are ten of our favourites (in reading age order) for children that were published in 2021.


The Super Adventures of Ollie & Bea: It’s Owl Good

by Renee Treml

Come with Ollie and Bea on a HARE-raising adventure with a HOPPY ending!

Ollie is an owl who wears glasses. And Bea is a bunny with very big feet. They don’t know it yet, but they are about to be best friends. Can they help each other to find their OTTER-LY awesome inner superhero?

Join Ollie and Bea in this charming, funny story about the joys of making friends and having fun. The perfect book for young readers who love to laugh. Book 2 is also available.

Suitable for early readers aged 5 and up.


Cranky Chicken by Katherine Battersby

Everything about Chicken is cranky. Cranky eyes, cranky eyebrows, super-sharp cranky beak, even cranky scratchy feet. And everything makes Chicken cranky. The sun is too bright, the dirt is too dirty. What Cranky Chicken is not is lonely. Nope, nope, definitely not. But then along comes a very cheerful worm named Speedy, who just wants to be friends.

The first book in a charming illustrated series about mismatched friends who bring joy, companionship and a new perspective to each other’s lives.

For readers aged 5 and up.


Kitty Quest by Phil Corbett

Woolfrik and Perigold are two down-on-their-luck cats in need of some extra cash, so they’ve decided to become professional monster slayers - except they don’t know the first thing about it! So when a huge beast starts rampaging through the town, they are put to the ultimate test. But the monster is just the beginning of their worries, because someone even more troublesome is pulling its strings.

So even though they’ve never been in a battle - or even gone on a real quest before - it’s up to these cats to save the day and prove they’ve got what it takes to be heroes.

For readers aged 7 and up.


Juke Box by Nidhi Chanani

A mysterious Jukebox, old vinyl records, and cryptic notes on music history, are Shaheen’s only clues to her father’s abrupt disappearance. She looks to her cousin, Tannaz, who seems just as perplexed, before they both look at the Jukebox which starts, glowing? Suddenly, the girls are pulled from their era and transported to another time!

Keyed to the music on the record, the Jukebox sends them to decade after decade of music history, from political marches, to landmark concerts. But can they find Shaheen’s dad before the music stops?

For readers aged 8 and up.


Allergic by Megan Wagner Lloyd

A semi-autobiographical coming-of-age graphic novel featuring a girl with severe allergies who just wants to find the perfect pet!

At home, Maggie is the odd one out. Her parents are preoccupied with the new baby they’re expecting, and her younger brothers are twins and always in their own world. Maggie thinks a new puppy is the answer, but when she goes to select one on her birthday, she breaks out in hives and rashes. She’s severely allergic to anything with fur!

Can Maggie outsmart her allergies and find the perfect pet?

For readers aged 8 and up.


Pawcasso by Remy Lai

Every Saturday, Pawcasso trots into town with a basket, a shopping list and cash in paw to buy groceries for his family. One day, he passes by Jo’s house, where she’s peering out the window, bored and lonely. When Jo sets out to follow him, a group of kids from school mistake her for Pawcasso’s owner and, excited to make new friends, she reluctantly hides the truth.

But what starts as a Chihuahua-sized lie quickly grows into a Great Dane-sized problem when Pawcasso gets his own internet fan club. Trapped in a web of lies, will Jo risk her new friendships by telling the truth?

Suitable for readers aged 8 and up.


Squirrel Do Bad: Trubble Town Book 1 by Stephen Pastis

Wendy the Wanderer has lived in Trubble Town her whole life but never had the chance to go exploring. Her dad likes to know where she is to make sure she’s safe but when her dad leaves on a trip and the babysitter doesn’t reinforce the rules Wendy is free to do what she wants, and what she wants is to live up to her name … and find Trubble.

Turns out, there’s lots going on in Trubble Town. As she encounters endearingly goofy animals and hilariously hapless townsfolk, Wendy’s very first adventure takes more twists and turns than she could have ever expected.

Suitable for readers aged 8 and up.


The Secret Garden of 81st Street by Ivy N Weir & Amber Padilla

The Secret Garden with a twist.

When Mary’s parents pass away in a tragic accident, she moves to New York City to live with her uncle who she barely knows. Looking for comfort in this strange, new reality, Mary discovers an abandoned rooftop garden and an even bigger secret…her cousin who suffers from anxiety. With the help of her new friends, Colin and Dickon, Mary works to restore the garden to its former glory while also learning to grieve, build real friendships, and grow.

A classic retelling suitable for ages 8 and up.


Lightfall by Tim Probert

Deep in the heart of the planet Irpa stands the home of the wise Pig Wizard and his adopted granddaughter, Bea. As keepers of the Endless Flame, they live a quiet and peaceful life, crafting medicines and potions for the people of their once-prosperous world.

All that changes one day when Bea meets Cad, a member of the Galdurians, an ancient race thought to be long-extinct. Cad believes that the Pig Wizard can help him find his missing people. But when the two arrive home, the Pig Wizard is nowhere to be found - all that’s left is the Jar of Endless Flame and a mysterious note. Fearing for the Pig Wizard’s safety, Bea and Cad set out to find him, while danger fights its way out of the shadows and into the light.

Suitable for fantasy lovers aged 9 and up.


Seance Tea Party by Reimena Yee

Growing up sounds terrible. No one has time to do anything fun, or play outside, or use their imagination. Everything is suddenly so serious. People are more interested in their looks and what others think about them than having fun adventures. Who wants that?

Not Lora.

After watching her circle of friends seemingly fade away, Lora is determined to still have fun on her own. A tea party with a twist leaves Lora to re-discovering Alexa, the ghost that haunts her house – and Lora’s old imaginary friend! Lora and Alexa become best friends … but unfortunately, not everything can last forever.

Suitable for readers aged 10 and up.

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It's Owl Good (The Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea, Book 1)

It’s Owl Good (The Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea, Book 1)

Renee Treml

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