Kitty Quest

Phil Corbett

Kitty Quest
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Kitty Quest

Phil Corbett

Dog Man meets the Lord of the Rings in this laugh-out-loud graphic novel debut about two aspiring adventurers who face off against startling ghosts, rampaging monsters and bumbling wizards! This is the perfect new read for fans of Captain Underpants, Dog Man and The Simpsons!

Woolfrik and Perigold are two down-on-their-luck cats in need of some extra cash, so they’ve decided to become professional monster slayers - except they don’t know the first thing about it! So when a huge beast starts rampaging through the town, they are put to the ultimate test. But the monster is just the beginning of their worries, because someone even more troublesome is pulling its strings.

So even though they’ve never been in a battle - or even gone on a real quest before - it’s up to these cats to save the day and prove they’ve got what it takes to be heroes.


Perigold and Woolfrik are a quixotic duo starting out in the questing business. These would-be do-gooders encounter the no-so-good wizard, Dagzobad, the perfect villain, who without much help, manages to thwart his own evil schemes. Enter Earl Mortimore, a ghost and member of a once legendary guild of wizards and warriors. With the Earl’s guidance, our indefatigable heroes battle shady characters, rampaging monsters and a blocked toilet. Soon requests for quests start pouring in. Perigold and Woolfrik revive the disbanded guild and Kitty Quest is born!

In this exciting graphic novel for younger readers, the fun is not all in the vibrant images, there is a great use of language too – words like vanquish, exquisite, instigate, unbridled, commotion, elucidate, amassed, nefarious, consequences and herbivorous. Kitty Quest is fun, utterly engaging and brimming with adventure – perfect for fans of Dogman, Bad Guys and Narwhal and Jelly. Are you ready for the next adventure in this offbeat series? For ages 7+.

Bianca Looney works as a bookseller at Readings Kids.

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