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Fantastic fantasy to discover this weekend

She Who Became the Sun by


Priory of the Orange Tree by

Sistersong by

The Starless Sea

The Midnight Library

The Fifth Season by

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What we’re reading: Winterson, McKay & Pippos

Each week we bring you a sample of the books we’re reading, the films we’re watching, the television shows we’re hooked on, or the music we’re loving. Tye Cattanach is reading 12 Bytes: How We Got Here. Where We Might Go Next. by Jeanette Winterson

There are quite a few books I am excited for this year (TBR groans audibly) However! Perhaps t…

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New and noteworthy biography + memoir

July memoirs are full of hard fought emotional journeys and explore where we draw strength during periods of extreme adversity and pain. Below are eight uniquely compelling books for those looking to explore journeys of identity and belonging through another’s eyes. Three-Martini Afternoons at the Ritz by Gail Crowther

Introduced at a worksh…

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