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Archie Roach: Journey

Reviewed by Dave Clarke

Everyone has a favourite place, a part of the world where you feel you belong, where you are at peace. For me, that is the small coastal town on the western coast of Victoria called Port Fairy. Incre…

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Notes from the Teenage Underground

Reviewed by Kathy Kozlowski

This remarkable novel manages to be countercultural and rebellious, yet rock solid as well. Three school girls set out to create an ‘underground happening’ to divert impending holiday boredom. They a…

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Raising Sand

Reviewed by Lou Fulco

Who and where does someone come up with the idea of pairing ROCK GOD/ LEGEND Robert Plant with bluegrass queen Alison Krauss? Well, it’s a stroke of pure GENIUS! The album has sublime harmonies, subt…

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Reviewed by Alexa Dretzke

Aahh, the bliss of a new Nick Hornby novel and how I wanted to savour it, but devoured it in one gulp. Writing specifically for young adults for the first time won’t stop the adult market from snappi…

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Anonymous Lawyer: Jeremy Blachman

Reviewed by Judith Loriente, Readings Hawthorn

This book is so funny that you might just want to start reading it again the moment you finish it. Anonymous Lawyer, a partner at a top US firm, starts a weblog in order to have a place to write abou…

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Almost Moon

Reviewed by Emily Harms

There is no doubt that Alice Sebold is a brilliant writer. I just wish her subject matter wasn’t so disturbing. Don’t get me wrong, I love dark stories, but this is pitch black with no sign of a torc…

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Reviewed by Mark Rubbo

Divisadero is a unique book.

It opens in a remote farm in Northern California in the 1970s; a gentle man is eking out a living with his two daughters, Anna and Claire, and a young boy, Coop, from a …

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The Moon Looked On

It’s been a busy year for Clare Bowditch: marriage to musical partner Marty Brown, the birth of their twins, and an entire album recorded and released to follow up from her ARIA award winning previou…

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The First Day of The Blitz

Reviewed by Judith Loriente

September 7, 1940 was the day when, out of the blue, Britain found itself propelled from the ‘phoney war’ into full-scale terror. It was not the first time bombs had been dropped on civilians; there …

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The Memory Room

Reviewed by Mark Rubbo

Former diplomat, Derek Bradley, returns to his memories when he visits the old home of his friend Vincent Austin. Vincent has stored his highly detailed diaries there and instructed his aunt to give …

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