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The Female Thing

Reviewed by Chris Gordon

Laura Kipnis is not afraid of telling you what it is like to be a woman. In fact all of her books concentrate on the dilemmas of being a feminist in western modern times. Her latest book, The Female

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The Singing Tree

What a lovely, unexpected gem of an album! The Singing Tree is a stunning example of talent, patience and excellent musicianship. Layers of slide guitar and piano in a laidback style reminiscent of T…

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The Stone Gods

Reviewed by Emily Harms

The Stone Gods is set in an apocalyptic near-future that is a direct result of the forces of desolation. On one level it is a philosophical piece of science fiction based on a love story between Bill…

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White Chalk

Reviewed by Mark Azzopardi

For her new album White Chalk, P.J. Harvey offers us a totally different listening experience. With less emphasis on guitar-driven songs, Harvey, aided by producers Flood and John Parrish, and The Di…

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The Emergence of Memory

Reviewed by Martin Shaw

Long-time readers of this august publication will know that in the mid-nineties I was already raving about W.G. Sebald (The Emigrants, The Rings of Saturn, Vertigo), for I already had the feeling the…

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The Lost Dog

Reviewed by Kylie Stevenson

Guest Review

Tom Loxley is an academic, wrestling with writing the final chapter of his book, Meddlesome Ghosts: Henry James and the Uncanny, when his dog goes missing. The novel charts the next ten…

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Reviewed by Richard Mohr

A lovely second album from the dynamic drummer from Sting and Jan Garbarek’s bands/ This time Katche dispenses with the services of Garbarek and Tomasz Stanko, who contributed so memorably to Neighbo

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Chicken Dance

Reviewed by Anisija Gillian

Kids’ review

Don Fred Schmidt loves chickens. Since he asked his Mum if he could look after their chickens Don has been to a chicken-judging contest, won first place and got a blue ribbon. Don had …

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Girl Meets Boy: The Myth of Iphis

Reviewed by Kabita Dhara

Ali Smith’s latest work radiates a sweet passion that is at once surprising and highly attractive. Refiguring the myth of Iphis and Ianthe from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Smith ponders the way our gender…

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Night Falls Over Kortedala

Reviewed by Andrew Cornish

Oh Jens, you unrepentant romantic you! My favourite Swedish crooner is back, falling in love with a new girl every song. Night Falls Over Kortadela is an excellent rebound after his somewhat disappoi…

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