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Henrietta Gets a Letter: Martine Murray

Reviewed by Alexa Dretzke, Readings Hawthorn

Sheezamageeza! Henrietta’s a bit jealous of baby Albert’s birthday and has the DILEMMA of a fairy living in a sock under her bed, who she helps to understand it’s best to be yourself and not try and …

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Live Apples: Paul Kelly

Reviewed by James Power, Readings St Kilda

Australia’s favourite troubadour and his excellent band perform his most recent cracker of an album in it’s entirety plus 16 more Paul Kelly faves and rarities such as Careless, To Her Door, Deeper W

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The Evangelist: Robert Forster

Reviewed by Daniel Carroll, Readings Carlton

In a recent interview, Robert Forster said, ‘I want it to be a record that gives comfort to the listener … full of a warm acoustic sound’. The Evangelist is all that and much more. This is a wonderf…

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Swimming In A Sea Of Death: David Rieff

Reviewed by Sybil Nolan, Freelance Editor and Reviewer

In this noteworthy book, journalist David Rieff sets out to record his mother, Susan Sontag’s state of mind after she was diagnosed with terminal blood cancer. It’s an extraordinarily ambitious under…

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The Stranding: Karen Viggers

Reviewed by Laurie Steed, Freelance Reviewer

Lex Henderson arrives in a coastal village looking for a place to hide from prying eyes and old memories. Soon after, he meets Callista Bennett, a local artist with her own chequered past. Lex is dra…

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The Story of Forgetting: Stefan Merril Block

Reviewed by Belinda Monypenny, Developmental Editor at Cengage Learning

Abel Haggard is the only one left on the family farm in Dallas. His hermetic life is slowly closing in around him as he watches the years fall away, hoping his estranged daughter will return. Seth Wa…

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Musk and Byrne: Fiona Capp

Reviewed by Vicky Booth, Program Administrator of CAE Book Groups

Award-winning Australian author Fiona Capp (That Oceanic Feeling) has ventured into the eventful world of historical fiction with her new novel. Set in 1860s Victoria, its heroine is Jemma Musk, an i…

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Taking Pictures: Anne Enright

Reviewed by Chris Gordon, Readings Events Coordinator

Anne Enright is a passionate writer who describes real life like you would to your best friend – only, with elegance and a turn of phrase that creates an immediate picture. Her stories are about dea…

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Stanley and Sophie: Kate Jennings

Reviewed by Olivia Mayer, Freelance Reviewer

After the death of her husband, two beguiling, energetic and demanding bundles of bravado bound into Kate Jennings’s life. Stanley and Sophie – the story of two border terriers in New York – is the r…

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Texas: Sarah Hay

Reviewed by Sally Keighery, Program Coordinator of CAE Book Groups

Fans of 2001 Vogel winner Sarah Hay will be pleased to learn that her second novel has a distinctly Australian flavour. Set on a remote Kimberly cattle station during the 1980s, Texas charts the live…

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