No Words by Maryam Master

I adored Maryam Master’s previous CBCA-shortlisted novel Exit Through the Gift Shop, so I had high hopes for her latest creation, No Words. Tackling challenging topics such as mental health, bullying and the experiences children face as refugees, No Words is quite a personal story for Master to share. It takes inspiration from her own experiences growing up in Iran and being forced to flee to Australia at the age of nine.

Through Master’s protagonist Aria, we are given a small glimpse into what being a refugee is like. We see his interactions with his schoolmates, Hero and Jaz, conflicts with the local bully Rufus, as well as flashbacks to his life in Iran. As Aria grapples with setting up a new life, he is also trying to process moments from his past that were so traumatic they caused him to lose his words and become mute.

Written with hope, compassion and wit, this book and its characters teach some important lessons about supporting and caring for those around you. It is a reminder that you can’t know the difficulties others are dealing with or how much your kindness might help them soar. For ages 7+.

Claire Atherfold is the manager of Readings State Library

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No Words

Maryam Master

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