Claire Atherfold

Claire Atherfold is the manager of Readings State Library

Review — 23 Oct 2023

Gymnastica Fantastica! by Briony Stewart

Award-winning Australian author–illustrator Briony Stewart has captured the energy and exhilaration of impromptu performances, and the discovery of new talents, in Gymnastica Fantastica! Within its pages we watch as the…

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Review — 23 Oct 2023

Medieval Monsters: and Other Stories by Timothy Ide

Local illustrator Timothy Ide, whom you may know from his work on the picture books Tom the Outback Mailman or The Story of Sidney Kidman: King of the Outback

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Review — 25 Sep 2023

Thieves’ Gambit by Kayvion Lewis

Ross Quest isn’t a regular teenager. Already a master thief by the age of 17, she spends her days planning escape routes for fun and pulling elaborate heists with her…

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Review — 1 Sep 2023

In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen (Geomancer, Book 1) by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen is the beginning of an epic new trilogy from the bestselling adult and children’s author Kiran Millwood Hargrave. We enter a world full…

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Review — 30 Jul 2023

Last-Place Lin by Wai Chim & Freda Chiu (illus.)

Wai Chim, a celebrated Chinese-American-Australian author best known for her fabulous YA novel The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling, became a fixture on our TVs while she was…

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Review — 3 Jul 2023

Once There Was by Kiyash Monsef

‘Once was, once wasn’t’ (yeki bood, yeki nabood) is the beginning of classic Persian fairy tales, and to Kiyash Monsef’s debut novel. Monsef, already an accomplished director and…

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Review — 20 Apr 2023

Desert Jungle by Jeannie Baker

Jeannie Baker’s creations have astounded me since I was small, staring for hours on end at her mixed-media collages that bring to life wonderous stories that sometimes don’t even need…

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Review — 27 Mar 2023

The Quiet and the Loud by Helena Fox

The Quiet and the Loud is the latest novel by Helena Fox, the award-winning author of How It Feels to Float. It is set in Sydney, just before and…

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Review — 2 Feb 2023

Dorrie by Tania McCartney

Many Australian children have grown up with the lovable creatures from the tales of Blinky Bill. Be it in the original books or via the cinema screen and TV, Blinky…

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