Play with Your Plate! by Judith Rossell

From the award-winning author and illustrator of the much-loved Stella Montgomery series, Judith Rossell, we now have the wonderful novelty board book Play with Your Plate!.

A fun and clever creation made up of four mini board books that together form your plate, these are found within one larger board book for ease of use. As you turn the pages of the differing smaller books, you can choose which foods you want to find on your plate. A variety of foods are on offer from mac and cheese to raspberries, edamame to corn bread, red beans to sushi. There are more than four thousand combinations on offer!

It is an ingenious teaching tool with challenges for your little ones as they learn about new foods, as well as colours and shapes. Do you think they could create a plate of only triangles? Or perhaps only green foods? Brilliant for ages 1+.

Claire Atherfold is the manager and the children’s book buyer at Readings State Library.

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Play with Your Plate! (A Mix-and-Match Play Book)

Play with Your Plate! (A Mix-and-Match Play Book)

Judith Rossell

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