George Delaney

George Delaney is a former Readings Carlton bookseller

Review — 27 Jan 2020

The Bass Rock by Evie Wyld

Evie Wyld returns with another novel in which narratives converge over historical time, as they did in her Miles Franklin Literary Award-winning All the Birds, Singing. In The Bass

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Review — 22 Jul 2018

Too Much Lip by Melissa Lucashenko

Melissa Lucashenko’s last novel, Mullumbimby, opened me up to a conversation about feminism, culture and land rights that has stayed with me for years, so I was excited to…

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Review — 6 Sep 2020

My Place for Younger Readers by Sally Morgan

A bestseller in the late 1980s and never out of print since, My Place was one of the first books of memoir and family history by an Aboriginal author to…

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Review — 23 Sep 2019

Girl by Edna O’Brien

Edna O’Brien began her sixty-year career as a novelist writing books about young women’s lives in conservative post-war Ireland, and made a name for herself as a frank communicator of…

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Review — 21 Jul 2019

The Way Through the Woods by Long Litt Woon and Barbara Haveland (trans.)

Long Litt Woon enrols in a ‘mushrooming for beginners’ course in her home city of Oslo. She’slooking for ways through her crippling grief after her husband’s sudden death, not realising…

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Review — 28 May 2019

Frankissstein: A Love Story by Jeanette Winterson

Jeanette Winterson returns with another adaptation – this time with Mary Shelley’s much loved gothic horror novel, Frankenstein, drawn into a past-and present narrative about animation, artificial intelligence, bodies…

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Review — 19 Aug 2018

Wisp by Zana Fraillon & Grahame Baker-Smith

Idris is a small boy in a small, dark world – a refugee camp where he has spent his whole life. The people there are lonely and suspicious, and have…

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Review — 22 Oct 2017

The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell

I was reluctant to make a start on this diary because I suspected it might, in the spirit of its ur-text, Black Books, engender short-tempered job dissatisfaction and make…

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Review — 22 Jul 2018

Sonam and the Silence by Eddie Ayres & Ronak Taher

Sonam is a young girl who lives with her family in Kabul and earns money by selling chewing gum on the city streets. Sonam’s world is flooded with beauty and…

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Review — 25 Feb 2018

Ninja Kid: From Nerd to Ninja by Anh Do & Jeremy Ley

Nelson Kane lives in a junkyard with his mother, grandmother, and perpetually hungry cousin Kenny. It’s an ordinary, fallen-on-hard-times tip, where his grandmother invents strange gadgets out of junk, and…

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