Emily Gale

Emily Gale is a former Readings bookseller and prize manager. She is the author of a number of children’s and young adult books.

Review — 28 Jan 2015

Dory Fantasmagory by Abby Hanlon

Reality and imagination blend seamlessly on every page of this story as a little girl (aged six and the youngest of three) copes with being constantly elbowed out of her…

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Blog post — 25 May 2016

Emily Gale on writing about death for young readers

Emily Gale’s new YA novel features the dreaded ‘D-word'… Here she reflects on death in children’s and young adult books – on why it gives some parents nightmares, and on…

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Review — 25 Apr 2016

Figgy and the President by Tamsin Janu

From the moment I turned the final page of Tamsin Janu’s debut, Figgy in the World, I hoped it wouldn’t be the last we heard of the upbeat young…

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Review — 29 Mar 2016

The Secrets We Keep by Nova Weetman

As a fan of Nova Weetman’s 2015 YA novel, Frankie and Joely, a perfectly pitched Australian story about the intensity of teen friendship, I was keen to see what…

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Blog post — 23 Nov 2015

The 10 best books I shared with my children this year

When I told my children I was leaving my job at Readings, they were shocked. “But where will we get our books from?” they said, which sounds a bit dramatic…

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Blog post — 7 Sep 2015

10 picture books we really love right now

Here are ten recent picture books that collectively demonstrate the enormous depth and variety in this category, and individually stand tall. We think there are a few future favourites in…

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Review — 24 Sep 2015

Danny Best: Full On by Jen Storer

Jen Storer’s brilliant Truly Tan series has all the child-led outdoor adventure of Blyton but is truly contemporary and truly Australian. New character Danny Best has all the high-jinx and…

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Review — 24 Sep 2015

Moondial by Helen Cresswell

Helen Cresswell was one of my childhood favourites. I feel nostalgic at the mere mention of Lizzie Dripping, The Secret World of Polly Flint and, most especially, Moondial

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Blog post — 17 Aug 2015

August round-up of children's and young adult books

This month is a treasure trove for all ages.

You’ve probably heard about the new Dr Seuss book, What Pet Should I Get?, which Children’s Book Buyer Angela Crocombe…

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Blog post — 11 Aug 2015

On maps in children's books (and how much we love them)

What it is about maps in children’s books that we love so much?

For me it’s the very immediate suggestion that this author has created an entire, detailed world for…

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