Bad Men

Julie Mae Cohen

Bad Men
Bonnier Books Ltd
United Kingdom
1 August 2023

Bad Men

Julie Mae Cohen

Saffy Huntley-Oliver is beautiful, charming, rich, and in her spare time she's a serial killer. For the past fifteen years she's been hunting down and killing bad men: rapists, murderers, domestic abusers. As a hobby, it's not as Instagrammable as baking, but at least it's better for your thighs.

The problem is, that it's hard to sustain a healthy, balanced heterosexual relationship when you're expecting to have to kill your boyfriend at any moment. She's lost her faith in mankind.

That's why she's decided to look for a good man instead, preferably one who shares her interests. Jon Desrosiers, with his campaigning podcast, perfect bone structure and adorably messy hair, could be just the guy for her. As the creator of a hugely popular true-crime podcast, he has to delve deep into the psyches of monsters, though he's always been on the side of justice.

So begins a tale of obsession as Saffy uses every trick in the book to get her man. Regardless of the cost to human life...


Meet Saffy: socialite, supermodel, philanthropist, and serial killer. Her favourite form of charity is killing murderers, rapists, paedophiles, and other bad men. Killing is easy, but getting a boyfriend is much harder. Saffy has a crush – the stalker-obsession kind. The only problem is that it’s Jonathan Desrosiers, a true crime author and podcaster, whose fame for solving unsolved murder cases through his devilish attention to detail has made him a local celebrity. Obviously, their love for true crime would make them the perfect couple. But how long can she and Jon be together before he figures out who she truly is? And will she have the heart to kill him if he does?

Let me list all the ways I loved this book: firstly, Saffy is the feminist serial killer you never knew you needed. Although her traumatised childhood has left her jaded and mistrusting, Saffy is overwhelmed with love and protectiveness for her younger sister, and for Jon, who makes her question the scepticism about all men that she has held on to thus far. Jon, whose caring nature yet morbid fascination with homicide, really poses as a commentary for society’s glamourisation and desensitisation of murder that true crime fans and media use to cover the tragic reality of it.

Although immensely grisly and violent at times, the dark humour and entertaining personalities of Saffy and Jon made this book unputdownable. As this duo work together to solve the murders of a killer around London, your jaw is tested to see how far it can drop from all the plot twists, questionable morals, and gasp-worthy cliff-hangers.

Bad Men is a romance novel for crime lovers; a deliciously bloodthirsty story of feminine rage and vigilantism which ultimately decides that hot or cold, revenge is a dish best served by a woman.

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