Poetry Comics

Grant Snider

Poetry Comics
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United States
28 March 2024

Poetry Comics

Grant Snider

From the cloud-gazing hours of early spring to the lost bicycles of late autumn, Grant Snider’s brilliantly illustrated Poetry Comics will take you climbing, floating, swimming, and tumbling through all the year’s ups, downs, and in-betweens. He proves that absolutely everything, momentous or minuscule, is worthy of attention, whether snail shells, building blocks, the lamented late bus, or the rare joy of unscuffed shoes. These poems explore everything you never thought to write a poem about, and they’re so fun to read you’ll want to write one yourself. Not to worry, there’s a poem for that, too!

FOR COMIC BOOK FANS: These poems for kids are brightly illustrated in graphic novel-style panels, adding a delightful new element to approaching poetry. Perfect for visually oriented readers and young people who already love comics, cartoons, and graphic novels.

EXCITING NEW APPROACH TO POETRY: Funny, instructive, and thoroughly engaging, this poem book is a perfect addition to classroom libraries and poetry curricula. 

POEMS FOR EVERY SEASON: With sections for winter, spring, summer, and fall, this poetry book offers teachers and kids lots to enjoy and share all year round. 

SPARK A LOVE OF POETRY AND ART: Perfect for classroom writing and drawing prompts, this book will inspire readers of all ages to make and share poetry comics of their own!

Perfect for:

  • Young readers of comics and graphic novels
  • Aspiring poets, writers, and cartoonists
  • Parents and educators seeking a fun and engaging way to introduce kids to poetry
  • Reading and sharing during Poetry Month
  • Readers looking for contemporary additions to classic children's poetry like Shel Silverstein's Where the Sidewalk Ends, Falling Up, and A Light in the Attic
  • Fans of Mary Oliver looking to share an equally contemplative, nature-loving poet with kids
  • Fans of Grant Snider books, including Nothing Ever Happens on a Gray DayWhat Color Is Night?, What Sound Is Morning?, One Boy Watching, and There Is a Rainbow


Starting with Spring and working his way through the seasons, Grant Snider has created a book that covers the magical moments of childhood. From catching a tadpole that turns into a frog, playing basketball as the sun sets, expressing the joy of finding a new friend, or even the tedium of boredom on a rainy day stuck inside.

Snider’s whimsical poems are all laid out in colourful comic panels, which is the perfect, engaging way for parents and teachers to introduce the joy of poetry to the visually oriented reader, making use of the ever popular medium of the graphic novel. The comic panels help to create flow, running from left to right, up and down, sometimes in a circle and then, why not, following the rollercoaster or a ferris wheel around the page as the words of the poem unfurl.

This is Grant Snider at his best, with pages full of inspiration for any aspiring young wordsmith or cartoonist you may know. For ages 7+.

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