In His Own Image

Jerome Ferrari

In His Own Image
Europa Editions (UK) Ltd
United Kingdom
6 January 2022

In His Own Image

Jerome Ferrari

Antonia grows up in rural Corsica, a place of deeply-rooted traditions and strong family ties. When she’s fourteen, her uncle, a priest, gives her a camera-suddenly changing the way she looks at the world and igniting a life-long passion.

Over two decades later, Antonia runs into Dragan, a soldier whom she had met when she was reporting on the war in the former Yugoslavia. The two spend the night in deep conversation, reminiscing about their experience of the conflict. As she drives home, Antonia loses control of her car, plunges off a cliff and is killed instantly. Tasked with officiating at her funeral, Antonia’s uncle is forced to reflect on her life and legacy and on the profound questions they beg about ambition and doubt, passion and guilt, representation and reality.

Wide in scope but rich in detail, restrained yet deeply moving, In His Own Image weaves together the story of a life with universal themes that resonate across time and space.

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