My Pictures After the Storm

Eric Veille

My Pictures After the Storm
Gecko Press
New Zealand
1 April 2017

My Pictures After the Storm

Eric Veille

A gust of wind, an elephant, a dive bomb, a spell: this funky before and after book will have you chuckling! What happens to a lion after the storm? His mane is swept into a dishevelled mess. What becomes of a pear after an elephant passes by? Pear jam! A frog after a spell? A prince. And the room after a battle? A big mess!

Comical illustrations, witty wordplay, and new rhymes and jokes to find with each re-reading. Country of


This bright French picture book is a hilarious off-the-wall collection of double-page before and after spreads. After lunch, bread becomes crumbs, after magic, a handsome prince is a frog, and after four mouthfuls, a winking ‘greedy-guts’ crocodile has gobbled up all the other animals. There’s a practical joke, a big surprise, silly hairdos and an imaginative battle that results in a big ol’ mess. A vivid palette of fun, cartoon-ish illustrations and plenty of bold things to chat about make it a great discussion book to share with preschoolers, while cheeky, clever humour will have kids of all ages laughing. You will have so much fun reading this book together!

Kim Gruschow

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