Morris Gleitzman

Penguin Random House Australia
3 April 2024


Morris Gleitzman

A boy and his beloved budgie are thrust into an epic adventure that could change the future of the earth.


Lots of birds.

The people of the world are puzzled. Their feathered friends are trying to tell them something, and they're not sure what it is.

Then a boy and his pet budgie discover the secret.

Join Jay and Clyde, and their friends Maxine and Dora, on an exciting, funny, risky journey to save their families.

And every other family too.


In Morris Gleitzman’s latest book, readers follow an exciting adventure that explores environmental conservation through the eyes of Jay and his pet budgie, Clyde. Clyde is no stranger to puzzles, and loves completing jigsaws with Jay and his family. However, with Jay’s parents missing in Africa and large unexplained bird gatherings being reported across the globe, Clyde discovers that some puzzles aren’t so easily solved. Soon caught in a whirlwind of events, Clyde and Jay set off to solve what’s behind these mysteries, making new feathery friends and foes along the way.

Gleitzman’s master storytelling shines through in Tweet with an engaging narrative between two best friends that blends adventure, humour, and heart. At times, the book delves into sombre moments that touch on themes surrounding death and the cycle of life. However, Gleitzman is no stranger to tackling heavier topics and gently introduces them to readers, keeping the story light-hearted. This book is ideal for any child passionate about learning more about birds or the looming impacts of climate change. For readers aged 10+.

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