Tylissa Elisara, Dylan Finney (illus.)

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27 March 2024


Tylissa Elisara, Dylan Finney (illus.)

Described as an Indigenous Blinky Bill meets Winnie the Pooh, this heartwarming and beautifully illustrated middle-grade novel from 2021 black&write! fellow Tylissa Elisara follows Wurrtoo the wombat on his quest to marry the love of his life, the sky, while facing his fears and learning the importance of friendship along the way.

It all began in a burrow. The fifty-fifth burrow of Bushland Avenue to be exact. If you were ever lucky enough to find this beautiful clearing on Kangaroo Island where the arching gum trees kiss, you'd know that Wurrtoo's home is the one at the end with the big red trapdoor and large gold doorknob. Can you see it?

Wurrtoo the wombat lives a quiet and solitary life in his burrow on Kangaroo Island, hoping to one day travel to the mainland and marry the love of his life, the sky. When Wurrtoo inadvertently saves Kuula the koala from a bushfire, he acquires the adventure companion he didn't know he needed.

With Kuula by his side, Wurrtoo leaves the safety of his burrow and sets out on an epic journey to cross the island, reach the mainland and climb to the top of tallest tree in the Forest of Dreaming. But it's fire season, and danger and strange creatures lurk behind every gum tree. To make it, the pair must face their fears together, learn the importance of friendship and discover the power of wombat wishes.

Tylissa Elisara draws on classic children's literature in the tradition of Winnie the Pooh and Blinky Bill as well as stories from her own Narungga, Kaurna and Adnyamathanha heritage in this unique middle-grade novel about friendship, adventure and facing your fears.


This irresistibly playful tale of a timid wombat’s quest to marry the sky is told with such humour and whimsy I was charmed from the very beginning.

An epic adventure of courage and survival, the love-struck Wurrtoo and his cheeky koala friend face all sorts of calamity from dangerous creatures to a deadly bushfire and discover the value of friendship and the importance of conquering fear.

This outstanding debut of First Nations author Tylissa Elisara weaves traditional stories and the meaning of Country with a deep appreciation of astronomy, flora, fauna, and distinctly Australian food. And in the tradition of beloved characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Blinky Bill, Wurrtoo will find a place in the heart of children everywhere.

With charming black-and-white line illustrations scattered throughout, this brilliant read-aloud will entertain any family or classroom, and is highly recommended for independent readers aged 8+.

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