Batthew Aromascent and the Missing Corpse Flower (Batthew Aromascent, Book 1)

Ella Mulvey, John Roebuck

 Batthew Aromascent and the Missing Corpse Flower (Batthew Aromascent, Book 1)
Hardie Grant Children's Publishing
3 April 2024

Batthew Aromascent and the Missing Corpse Flower (Batthew Aromascent, Book 1)

Ella Mulvey, John Roebuck

The first dazzling book in an exciting new adventure mystery series about the rich world of fragrance, starring a young Nose named Batthew Aromascent, whose parents disappeared under mysterious circumstances. 

When the world’s largest and most pungent flower goes missing right before its grand unveiling, the smell-mad city of Candlenut is in uproar. Luckily, Batthew Aromascent, 11-year-old heir to the famed Olfactory Fragrance House, and his best friend, Lavender, are on the case.

It isn’t just any missing flower, either. It’s a legendary Titan Arum, grown from a seed that was sent by Batthew’s parents – renowned noses, Roger and Joy Aromascent – before they vanished on an expedition deep in the jungle. 

Batthew and Lavender have just three days to track it down before the flower wilts and dies, along with any clues as to his parents’ whereabouts. But are they prepared for what they’ll find in the darker corners of the fragrance world?


What’s a ‘Nose’? A Nose is someone who is an expert smeller, and a maker of perfumes. For generations, the Aromascents have been the number one Noses in the world. But times have changed. Five years ago, Batthew’s parents disappeared in the jungles of Sumatra while searching for new scents. The last Batthew heard of them was through a letter they sent with a seed of the rare plant Titum Arum, the world’s largest and smelliest flower: the Corpse Flower. The seed was nurtured in the green house of Candlenut’s Botanic Gardens, and the day has finally come when the Corpse Flower will bloom. Then someone steals it! Batthew needs to harness his rogue-smelling skills to track down the thief if he wants to save the legacy his parents left him. But he only has three days before the flower will wilt and die – can he do it?

This is a unique, wacky mystery. It’s one where I suspected everyone at one stage or another and found myself intrigued right up until the end. The different smell descriptions were stimulating and had my nose on high alert even when I wasn’t reading, which made the experience even more enjoyable. Readers who enjoy a quirky whodunit will find this an enthralling read. Great for ages 8+.

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