How to Save the Universe in Ten Easy Steps

Allison Rushby

How to Save the Universe in Ten Easy Steps
Allen & Unwin
1 September 2014

How to Save the Universe in Ten Easy Steps

Allison Rushby

Cooper can’t believe that he and Molly are related, let alone twins. They are so different! He loves junk food. She calls it empty calories. He likes to crack jokes. She was born without a sense of humour. He’s busy making plans for his gross-out tenth birthday party while Molly would rather take their dog, Jack, for a healthy walk.

Their differences don’t make sense. Until Molly tells him she’s an alien who has been sent to protect Cooper and help him fulfil his destiny because one day he’s going to save the universe. Cooper thinks Molly must be setting him up on some kind of prank TV show. Maybe she’s got a sense of humour after all? But then intergalactic bounty hunters arrive in Peregrination (population: 203) and strange things start happening to Cooper. Either he’s crazy or he really is in danger. And if he is in danger, so is the universe…


Cooper thinks his twin sister, Molly, is a real bore until the day she tells him the end of the world is at hand unless Cooper can save it. No pressure, of course.

Molly is an alien, as is their dog, Jack, and new friend, Hale, and they’re all here to help Cooper and protect him from the other aliens who are desperately trying to kill him. Oh, and nobody actually knows how he will do it, but they’re sure he’ll figure it out in time. Because if he doesn’t, then the intergalactic bounty hunters will come and destroy him and everything else on the planet, which looks fairly similar to earth but actually isn’t. Concerned yet? Good, because Cooper is freaking out!

This is a hilarious story about the end of the world, and the 10-year-old entrusted to save it, that will have you laughing and panicking all at the same time.

Angela Crocombe

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