Lights Out, Little Dragon!

Debra Tidball, Rae Tan (illus.)

Lights Out, Little Dragon!
HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd
5 June 2024

Lights Out, Little Dragon!

Debra Tidball, Rae Tan (illus.)

My little dragon is so tired, but he won't go to sleep.

What can I do?

It's bedtime and Little Dragon is trying every trick to stay awake.

Can you help him get to sleep? You might just have the magic touch!

From award-winning Debra Tidball and talented newcomer Rae Tan comes a delightful book about one cheeky little dragon who is determined to beat bedtime.


Award-winning Australian author Debra Tidball brings to life the tale of a very sleepy little dragon that refuses to go to bed, even though he’s tired – he’s just so desperate to stay awake and have fun.

The author invites the reader to take part in the story, asking them to help guide Little Dragon to bed. There are cleverly styled words that stand out so that it is easy to recognise where to engage with the activities, such as tapping on the page to turn the lights out just so, or blowing all Little Dragon’s noisy thoughts away, and the smartest one of all, simply encouraging him to yawn.

The gorgeous illustrations by author–illustrator Rae Tan, a new talent in Australian children’s publishing, bring a soft, delicate touch, which helps express the sleepiness of a bedtime tale.

It’s a beautiful and adorable book to which many a carer and child will be able to relate, as I am sure similar scenes have been experienced in their homes when it is time for certain tiny folk to retire for the evening. For ages 2+.

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