If You Run Out of Words

Felicita Sala

If You Run Out of Words
United States
11 April 2024

If You Run Out of Words

Felicita Sala

What happens if you run out of words? Will you have any left for me?

Don't be silly! I could NEVER run out of words!

But what if you DO?

Seeking reassurance of her father's attention, a young girl peppers her dad with elaborate, anxious what-ifs. Dad soothes each worry with the perfect answer: if he ever ran out of words, he'd visit the Elves' Word Factory so that he never runs out again, of course! Even if it means having to brave the darkest woods, escape pirates, or even fly a rocket ship back home, there's nothing that could ever come between them-and there aren't enough words to describe how much he loves her.

Imaginative, humorous, and heartfelt, this picture book from internationally celebrated creator Felicita Sala is a whimsical ode to a parent's boundless love for their child.


A child watches their parent talk all day, using their phone all day, constantly communicating in ways the little one simply cannot comprehend. Eventually that child asks, ‘Will you have any words left for me?’ And as this parent starts to explain they would never run out of words for their child, not ever, so begins a journey full of imagination and constant ‘What if’s?’

In this day and age, taking the time to sit and read a beautiful picture book together is important in itself. Even better is reading a delightful picture book that explains in a fun and meaningful way to a child afraid of being ignored or forgotten that they are the most important thing in the world. And if that picture book should also include rockets and pirate ships and giant owls like this one does, then it would be the perfect picture book for these times, wouldn’t it? For ages 2+.

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